We hope you’ll join us on Saturday, August 3rd for the first of many special events where we’ll experiment with creating true community at Warm Springs.

Together, let’s continue our journey to bring back the hot spring and revitalize the place into a vibrant gathering place again, because it truly takes a village… to build a village!

As this multi-year project to transform Warm Springs develops, we can grow connections and belonging within our community right now.

We’re excited to give you a warm welcome as we bring together art, music, healing practices, and a shared meal to create meaningful community experiences together. 

We’d love for YOU to join us!

Chi Gung

Life pulls us in different directions, our thoughts send us in a million others. What if we could easily come back to center, let go, and connect? Local treasure, Toni Lock will share how in this special Chi Gung class.

Moving Water

Create art in collaboration with water from the hot spring. Nature-centered Fine Artist Lana Neilson will lead this interactive experience of Japanese Suminagashi paper marbling.

Limited spots.

Let’s Sing Together

Join us in a community song circle where we’ll celebrate the unique quality of every voice! Whether you’re a confident singer or someone who thinks they can’t carry a tune, this liberating experience is for everyone.

Walking Tour

Connect with the land, the water, the history and the unique potential of this place.

Eating Together

We’ll play with new ways to connect as we share a potluck meal created by all of us.

Healing Circle

We can all give healing. We can all receive healing. It can be simple…and maybe just what you need. 

Warm Connections at Warm Springs

Experiments in Creating Community with Art, Music, Healing, and Food
Saturday, August 3rd, 10:00-2:00
@ Warm Springs Park 840 N 300 W, SLC

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We Can’t Wait To Connect With You!

RSVP not required, but we’d love to warm up your welcome.

Will you help us create true community?

We’re putting together a team of enthusiastic volunteers who will play a crucial role in making this event a heart-warming success. Each role is essential to creating a warm, welcoming atmosphere and we’d love to have you on the team. 

So you can be part of creating the fun AND participate, we have various 90-minute volunteer shifts available, from setting up the venue and welcoming attendees to supporting our healing circles and potluck. Your involvement can make a wonderful difference!