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Signatures on the petition opposed to housing at Warm Springs and in favor of community use of the site rolled in (over 3,600), and since the threat has ended, we’re no longer gathering signatures. We did it!

People who sign the petition or take this online survey are offered the opportunity to add a comment. Here are some of the hundreds of comments received. Please add your voice!

Bonnie Mangold
Though no longer a resident of Salt Lake City, I still have an interest in the well-being of my Capitol Hill neighborhood and City of 38 years. I have been following the progress of the Warm Springs Alliance with its creative proposal for the landmark Warm Springs site. These efforts to create a public, community-fostering space with renewed access to the healing waters are both impressive and encouraging.

I was majorly involved in the writing of the current Capitol Hill Master Plan, and one of our big failures from the neighborhood point of view was not arriving at a viable vision for the Warm Springs site. Our district’s emphasis during the master plan process was to retain and further the sense of community, which was sometimes at odds with the Planning Division’s desire for growth. We maintained then, and I still believe it to be true, that growth beyond maturity—whether in a city, neighborhood or human body—is destructive ( a cancer). We believed there was a need for more public spaces as opposed to housing and commercial interests. By their nature historic districts tend to create a sense of community, but we were concerned that we were losing that quality with the incursions of more large buildings and increased traffic. The Warm Springs Alliance proposal addresses the issue in a way we had not imagined.

With our civilization’s allegiance to non-sustainable practices, from economic systems to fossil fuel dependence, forces have been set in motion that virtually guarantee a degradation of quality of life for most of the inhabitants of our finite planet, humans included. With life becoming increasingly more difficult for the 99%, it is vital to have strong communities where we come together, create connections, care for and help each other. I believe this is what will make Salt Lake City and all cities, perhaps life itself, palatable in the face of increasing difficulties.

Saying “yes” to life and community is as important as saying “no” to the forces that would destroy our planet. In her perceptive and powerful book, NO IS NOT ENOUGH, Naomi Klein states that the qualities we tend to admire most in people are generosity, hospitality, warmth and wisdom. When translating those into public policy it looks a lot like the inclusive, community-based proposal that has been put forward by the Alliance—a superb example of saying “yes.” Such a use of public land serves many vital functions, as was understood and practiced throughout the earlier history of the Springs. They were sacred to indigenous peoples long before the pioneers came; later the hot springs became an all-inclusive community asset for Salt Lake City’s residents and visitors alike. Why not again?

Megan V.
This neighborhood, and this building and grounds as the center of it, should be top on the list of SLC’s revitalization efforts! Its historic significance to SLC early development, and the use of the springs long prior to that, should be celebrated with a rehabilitated building, not obscured by another faceless, meaningless apartment building. When are we going to start looking after and treasuring our built heritage instead of throwing it under the bulldozer? Please investigate more historically responsible options!

Jayne S.
DO NOT want to see this gem under private/commercial control.

Susan B.
I walk to this park most days of the week. I admire the building that is at the center and anchors the north and south ends. I would love to see an arboretum in this building. It would also be nice to see more thoughtful attention given to the grounds. Some genius took away the trenches that kept water from flowing over the sidewalks. This is a chance to give this end of town something special. I don’t think a high rise in the middle of the park is the answer. The library has been a great success in spite of some negative rhetoric.

Jennifer M.
I suffered a horrible injury 8 years ago. Hot springs have done wonders in soothing my pain. This is such a gift as I need to care for 4 busy boys. I want my boys to have a safe place to learn and grow in the community.

Jared W.
It’s part of our history and it is beautiful. I wish that we would save more of our historic buildings. They add character to our city.

Bailey P.
We’re losing the character of our city as high rise apartments shoot up everywhere. Please preserve what makes SL great and unique.

Andrew S.
This historic property should not become yet another boring development in Salt Lake City. We do one thing well here and that is tear down history. From historic theatres and downtown buildings to homes and neighborhoods so much has been lost, torn down, and destroyed. Look at places like Minneapolis, Denver, and Ogden where historic and older buildings are being repurposed and kept, where character of neighborhoods is not being demolished. Let’s keep history for once.

Pamela H.
This site is historical treasure!

John H.
There are so many better options than having this iconic building turned into apartments. This is a gem that needs rejuvenation for the community, not reincarnation for the profit of a developer.

Parker Y.
There have to be options other than a new apartment building.

Emily P.
As an owner of a historic home in downtown Salt Lake City, I am in support of maintaining historic buildings, and especially in creating a healing center to serve our beloved city. This is something I feel our city deserves much more of.

Rocky A.
It’s a unique, historic place that should be preserved for public use.

James H.
The incredible resource of natural hot water should be enjoyed, rather than capped and neutered.

Lana N.
An intelligent and thoughtful long term vision of urban design is essential to creating quality of life, ecenomic growth and sustainability for the citizens of Salt Lake City. It is the responsibility of of Salt Lake’s public leaders to not only be stewards of the land, but to utilize Salt Lake‘s land and resources in a way that connects local communities to their environment. Revitalizing Warm Springs and having the unique and irreplacable resource of a hot springs right in the city and available for the community would bring the most value and quality of life to Salt Lake and it’s citizens.

Vickie M.
Salt Lake City is on the verge of losing its history through unchecked and uninspired development. I love this old building, have fond memories of it, and want it to be preserved for the community.

Diane F.
The building at 840 North Beck Street has historic value as one of the few remaining examples of Mission style architecture in Salt Lake City. The site itself, with its hot springs, has a history of use extending back before the Mormon settlement and continuing through to the present day. I believe it is the only hot springs site in Salt Lake City that has not been completely eradicated by development.

Name not displayed
My husband and I use to live in Marmalade and visit this building on walks. It was so amazing reading about it’s history and remembering the businesses that came after. This building is a huge part of the neighborhood, and the city needs to be more creative..

Michael S.
Do NOT turn it into office space. Please conserve this beautiful property, it’s the right thing to do!

Laura S.
I feel that the urban planners in SLC care only about packing in ugly, cheaply built apartment buildings.

William B.
The Warm Springs is one of Salt Lake City’s most important historic sites for Utes, Shoshones, Goshutes, fur trappers, Mormon pioneers from 1847 on, overland emigrants, gold seekers, and the town’s kids. We’ve got all the future sludge fund tenements we need–save something.

Ardis P.
History for all matters. Crass commercialism for a few is the least important idea in the world.

Lauren T.
Are we joking? there is a natural warm spring not even 5 minutes from downtown and nobody even knows about it!? The ancients bathed in places like this and they had a much clearer consciousness. This would be extremely successful if reactivated. There is a very large upsurge of people coming here who have creative minds and would be all over this. i know it.

David O.
In our modern society filled with it’s stress and pressure, having a natural and beautiful place to unwind, de-stress, and get back to nature, is more important than ever.

Richard W.
Being the ONLY natural hot springs location in the valley, it needs to be preserved and opened to the public use.

Mary S.
This needs tribe a community space. I am working on starting the Intimacy Institute and this space is calling to me for that use.

Adelaide R.
We should use the spring water to it’s full potential for all city residence. I was just at the park for the Jam Festival and wandered around the outside of the old building fondly remembering exploring the old children’s museum with my grandma and her telling stories of using the old pool. I’ve wished for it to be a pool one again. This place is special and we should make it usable once again for everyone.

Kira S.
SLC has hot springs! these should be available to all.

Wendi G.
Please! NO more apartments no one can afford!

Mary V.
It is a part of local history and a unique geological feature as well, right in our city.

John W.
Because we continue to bulldoze and replace our historic places in Utah. I live in Sugarhouse, and while some of the new amenities are a nice convenience, the area is rapidly losing its charm. You can’t get these things back. We need to save as many key historic places as we can.

Angela M.
It an historical building that doesn’t need to be ruined.

Megan C.
I live in the neighborhood.

Steve M.
I live in the immediate area.

Daniel S.
I would like to see the Springs restored. It is an amazing natural resource and a historic place. Our community needs this!

Ainsley B.
I grew up in this building, while the old Children’s Museum was located there. The building and park are a part of my life and childhood. Renovating the building into a warm spring is a perfect way to not only keep those memories alive for myself and many other Salt Lake City residents, but also to keep a piece of history important to the city. This location is not at all ideal for an apartment building. A warm spring will bring tourists and businesses to a very neglected area of the city. A warm spring is perfect!

Patricia S.
Don’t destroy history with apartments!

Rachael S.
Keep local Utah open.

Lauren K.
I believe historic and beautiful sites should be protected from development because they are our heritage.

Bonnie C.
I love SLC and I love our cultural heritage, places like warm springs should absolutely be preserved for our own enjoyment as well as future generations.

Stefanie N.
I want to see a unique cultural heritage site preserved and reopened for public use!

Angela C.
This is a historic area and it would be a shame to cover up the springs with apartments. This should remain open to the community. Returning the area to the original hot springs would be my recommendation.

Julie F.
It’s a beautiful building with a rich history.

Hanifa A.
Hot springs are a natural resource that must be protected. Our community should have access to these springs and not have to drive long distances in order to experience the healing of warm springs. We have so much new housing and can put it almost anywhere, why make it impossible to have access to a natural wonder. Love of the outdoors is why many people move to and stay in SLC.

Linda A.
The landmark and rich history of our only warm springs deserves to be preserved. It is our ONLY warm springs…. the city is bursting with high rise apartments/office/retail buildings….they don’t need to be built on every single available space.

Kevin E.
It’d be great if our community had a warm spring municipal pool to access again.

Kathleen F.
I want to be able to go here to soak! This will enhance SLC and the surrounding community immensely. Why drive over an hour to Crystal Hit Springs when we could have something stellar right here, essentially downtown. Putting a building here for some developers is so short-sighted, greedy and ill-conceived. Save the Springs!

Elizabeth B.
Used to take the kids to the Children’s Museum when they were little. We always talked about the hot springs underneath. Hope we can make this happen.

Gwyneth M.
It’s important that our local Salt Lake City people be able to actually participate in our geographical history with a reactivated warm springs location. There are OTHER places to put more condos and businesses. There are NO other places for natural warm springs.

Leif J.
Preserve this historic site and create a public good.

Bonnie W.
It’s my neighborhood! Don’t bring more apartments here. There are too many already.

James R.
historical significance

Maryellen B.
This is to great of a heritage and resource to be wasted on another modern complex. Let us make it affordably available to people with foresight, community commitment and dreams.

Heidi B.
This is my neighborhood! and I want it to be used as a Hot Springs center again

Doug L.
It’s one of a kind

Thea B.
I went and looked for this place when I read about its history as a springs that the Native Americans once used. The building there now is historic too, and lovely! It should be saved and made useful again for the community!!!!

Peter R.
Bathhouses are a cherished hallmark of advanced societies all around the world, from the bathhouses of Ancient Rome, to the thriving tourism industry of Japan’s Sento hot springs, to the ever so luxurious Turkish baths, to Iceland’s sprawling pools of steamy delight. Salt Lake City really is a Skier’s Paradise, just waiting for it’s hot tub to be turned up!

Name not displayed
Love me some hot springs, esp. close by!

Debra M.
I work across the street from the park and enjoy walking there on my lunch break. Sometimes take my lunch with me and just eat sitting in the grass. This will not be an option with these plans for an office bldg and apts. Also, at one point, the non-profit I am involved with considered trying to get the old children’ s museum re purposed as facility for community dances. It should be important to preserve this old historic building for a community purpose.

Marjorie M.
It’s a beautiful historic building that can be put to good use in the community. Not every town has a warm spring! Let’s celebrate our good fortune, not destroy it.

Name not displayed
I go up to Crystal and Lava Hot Springs all the time with friends and family. I know a spring here in the valley would get a ton of use and saving our historic buildings is always something we should strive to do.

Bim O.
There are plenty of places for this type of development closer to the urban core where it makes more sense.

Kim H.
I have always loved this building and think we should restore it for the community

Cynthia M.
Warm springs near a city would be visited by locals and many travelers to our city. What a great history to share with the community and the world. Let’s add art, festivals and enjoy a community gathering place.

Nick T.
I appreciate nature

Holly D.

Name not displayed
We have enough office space – not enough warm springs -nature

Name not displayed
I would like to see this historic site available to the public, as a place for our community to share and enjoy.

Karol C.
Preserve history with a usable warm spring in the city, win,win

Jean G.
History is important–the history of Salt Lake City–We don’t need to put housing here–there are other places apartments can be built–this is a unique place–if it is destroyed it is gone forever–you cannot rebuild history.

Beth S.
Please preserve the hot springs and allow public access.

Marlene F.
I remember when it was a swimming pool. I loved it. My ideal is that it be restored to a hot springs swimming pool. STOP seeing old buildings and land as an opportunity to build more condo’s and apartments! We’re getting over-run as it is. So what if there’s a green space park there? Leave it! It’s a pretty little spot with a little space that is becoming too scarce.

Jenna N.
I am interested in the preservation of historic sites.

Jennifer Z.
I would use this if it were a hot spring

Alex A.
It should become a concert event center.

Tena R.
I believe in preserving history, the unique wild places, and beautiful buildings.

Angie E.
It’s the only warm springs in the city and I’ve waited for someone to realize what a great space it could be and do something with it.

Chris I.
It’s a beautiful historic building and a piece of Salt Lake City.

Tamara H.
Tired of seeing more high density housing going in downtown. It’s already badly congested.

Nancy L.
preserving something historic, natural, and that all citizens can have access to.

Michelle N.
I love old architecture and would hate to see it go. We should hold on to our history.

Nancy H.
No more office bldg in historic places.

Name not displayed
Save history. Stop gentrification.

Carla A.
I would love to have a warm springs gathering place so close to the city!

Karen Y.
This could become a beautiful spa for us!!!!!!!!!

Diederic V M.
I have a serious injury related back and body issue which mineral springs go a very long way in healing. I must take the train to Colorado Springs where I find the treatment my body requires. I would love to have the treatment here where I live and have often wondered why the hot mineral springs in our valley have not been used for this age-old healing source.

Bret C.
Historically significant sites must be preserved.

Gail P.
Huge potential for a warm spring resort

Tracy R.
It is important that we preserve historical places and create social sites.

Polly M.
The perfect combo of nature/history/architecture and huge potential for a community focal point. It would be an absolute shame to loose this. I have hoped for many years this site would be shined up to its previous glory.

Name not displayed
Keep this building since its a historical location, only warm spring in the area. It would be fantastic to have it renovated and opened for a new generation of people to visit and enjoy. Why not have a mix of the old and new.

Karinna W.
Preserving history and natural settings should be important to everyone.

Bill R.
I used to swim in their pool and soak in the mineral springs when I was a young guy. Now I’m older. Arthritis affects my knees and shoulders. A few good soaks would be great.

Stacey C.
Warm Springs is an important historical part of Salt Lake City, and adds a lot of character to the city and the neighborhood. My 82 year old mother tells stories of going to the hot springs as a teenager. This is one part of SLC character we don’t want to lose!

M Scott G.
Wonderful historic site, and great resource. It should not be wasted on a mere apartment.

Hyde S.
I think we have plenty of places to live, we need to honor UT’s history

Leah L.
Necessary community space

Christian B.
The history of our city needs be be maintained during the coming years of growth. If we don’t take the efforts now to preserve history, it will surely be gobbled up by the influx of growth our city and state are experiencing.

Heather R.
Historic Buildings should be preserved in a position that is open to the public. Creating Community Collaboration is more needed in our city then more commercial development.

Name not displayed
It’s a piece of history that can’t be replaced.

Janice S.
Preservation of historic landmark

Cassidy D.
We need to be better at preserving what we have and use spaces more wisely. Putting up condos on every corner is not the answer.

Louis P.
Historic, community…

Elizabeth G.
Historic significance to local community. Don’t let the developers touch it. Warm Springs could serve as signature asset to northern neighborhoods in Salt Lake City. Without our history even in the built environment, we lose context of the future and suffer alienation in the present.

Elizabeth S.
I love this historic building. It seems crazy that it is not being used as a bathing house anymore. This part of North Downtown could use some vitalization. Reopening this building as a Spa would be great for the neighborhood.

Nicole R.
Using old buildings and revitalizing the north end of SLC, as a Rose Park resident, excites me. I love art and culture, speaking events, collaborative spaces and the use of a wonderful warm spring is cool too.

Katie M.
Preserving the history of this building, the arts and healing is extremely important issue to me.

Brenda R.
We need nature

Name not displayed
Preserve our history and wonder of nature. For every apartment building that goes up we need to add open space to gather, connect and relax. This would be a great community place with historical value to develop.

Tammara G.
I live in this area and love the park. I would like it remain useable to the entire community to be able to continue to use it.

Leslie P.
We could have a beautiful community space and soak in hot springs right in the city. Why would we not do that?!

Yumna M.
Water is life, and this is healing waters

ilona maria g.
Natures warm springs are very important for the environment and peopls’ health we need to protect and restore natures treasure its important for eco balance and natural health resource like hot springs is very valuable and unrepeatable

Chelsea N.
Why destroy so much history, future opportunities & natural hot springs for an apartment building that could be built anywhere!?!?!

Sue W.
This should remain a public space for all. I grew up going to the pool, and presented family-oriented programs when it served valiantly as the Children’s Museum. Save it for the children.

Name not displayed
It’s a piece of history that can’t be replaced.

Jared S.
Think building should be restored if possible.

Kirstie J.
Community is important, art culrure history is imoortant. Make the warm springs a community building, warm springs a local hot spot. Save the park gor great events like earth day.

Brett C.
I have soaked here hundreds of times and I would not like to see this piece of history and a place of medicine become apartments.This is one of the last historic Native American vestiges left in the valley of SLC.

Jim F.
There are lots of other places to build apartment buildings and such. There is only 1 of the buildings that is presently there and the many possibilities.

Sharon D.
Having been alive during the time that Wasatch Hot Springs was a vibrant public place to go swim, soak and have family time in a wonderful, historic building. Save this building. We need more housing, but there is plenty of land available without destroying such a memorable monument of our Utah history.

Erin R.
This is our neighborhood and we walk by there and our kids play in that park everyday and it’s such a special piece of our history that I really want it to go back to being a community center! The building is amazing and our neighborhood is lacking in gathering spaces for art, swimming, and playing for all ages. Please preserve our early SLC history and this beautiful building in a way that also preserves it’s purpose and makes our city more special, and not in a way that erases history and leaves the Marmalade neighborhood poorer in culture and arts and community space.

Andrea A.
This is such a beautiful spot. Please keep the area open for public use!

Cosgrove M.
Hot Springs? What’s not to like about that.

Cayte O.

Name not displayed
To celebrate the diversity of local businesses and allow small business owners to be a part of a big project

Shelly H.
Everday SLC tears down another landmark, it loses its greatness. This is an opportunity For a healing center like none ether. It has always been my dream for this to reopen and come alive.

Patricia W.
It is a gift of nature to be preserved and not filled in and built over. It should be used as a place of community where people may gather, relax and restore.

Hilary S.
I believe our community is in desperate need of a place like this. I believe the history of this place is worth honoring and preserving. As a Healing practitioner in this community and someone who has felt the profound healing benefits of bath houses, I want a place like this to retreat to and to refer my clients to.

Astara K.
I used to swim there as a kid.

Lucinda D.
This is an historic, healing space. We need it.

Dan M.
Save the Warm Springs and keep intact a community place.

Dean H.
I think it is important to save this part of our history.

Genevieve B.
Dreaming of a place to come together in Salt Lake to connect through healing, arts, culture, learning, celebration, and collaboration. A place where everyone is welcome and we can soak together in a hot springs right here in town. Thank you!

Mary B.
I had no idea there was a hotspring in Salt Lake City. I think creating a gathering place and revitalizing the hotsprings would make a beautiful space for the community and for bringing people together.

Name not displayed
I live here and want this neighborhood to use its resources to serve people. Not hand over more real estate to landlords and real estate companies.

Alexandra P.
Rejuvanating and restoring a beautiful resource to be enjoyed by all

Tad C.
stop knocking down historic buildings and replacing it them with something that will ONLY enrich a developer!

James B.
My great aunt and uncle met at the pool there in the 1920’s. Took my children many times to the museum -fond memories of the “grocery store” there. It’s a building and historic site worth preserving!

Mark B.
This hot spring is an un used asset to the community.

Talia K.
Preserving nature and history!

Dawn A.
I love this building & so often wonder why it’s not being used for something. Let’s do something with it that is a community use not apartments!!

Marianne S W.
I used to swim there…. ❤

Peter C.
Retaining history and providing a community resource that focuses on healing, culture and the arts is vital to us all.

Karen C.
This is a historical building that should be brought back to life for the community and the neighborhood! With soooo much new building it would be nice to revitalize this one. Oh, and, HOT WATER!!

Jessica J.
We need to preserve history locally and beyond! Stop the over development of historic sites please.

Salenta F.
Such a place should be utilized in a way that preserves the heritage of this valley and puts the natural resources to use in a way that serves the community.

Sahara H.
Because I love hot springs, and want to have access to one nearby!

Margaret S.
Warm springs should be loved and enjoyed. It is the only hot springs in Salt Lake City and should be restored.

Laurie D.
Historic buildings with significant context are worth preserving.

Carrie C.
Retaining connection and community is at the forefront of our city’s interest as we expand and attract new business.

Beverly H.
Warm Springs building is historic and deserves to be revived as a community center and a Healing Spring for a new generation

Marjie B.
Because of the unique nature of the beautiful historical building intertwined with the hot mineral spring, and the joy and respite this place brought to the public for a very long time.

Adriane C.
Warm Springs has long been a place to gather and natural resources like warm water should be protected. Do the right thing and restore it to it’s glory.

Angie M.
History and memories

Christine C.
The healing propeties of warm springs is amazing. It would be so awesome to have a gathering place with those benefits. I would get there much more often than I can get to Lava Hotsprings.

Becky S.
We don’t need more apartments. We need culture and places that are unique and bring people to the area. health and wellness is a vital part of living a good and happy life. having a place for people to recharge and create health and wellness in a community is vital. I would think that the politicians interest would be to create and cultivate a city worth visiting as it would have attractions that matter in our community. We don’t need more apartments, we need more culture.

Scott P.
I grew up in that neighborhood, as did my mother and her parents. They’ve told many stories of that place. Marmalade is one of the few neighborhoods with their own distinct identities. Let’s not lose this one.

John C.
How awesome it would be to preserve history and possibly have functioning natural warm pools again!

Jennie C.
Love that building – I can feel the dream

Kristen C.

Katy W.
Housing is important but there are many lots that can be used for that purpose. We must not forget our history as a city by removing all our old buildings! Keep the springs public!

Mindy E.
It’s in my neighborhood

Kelly D.
Hot Springs are a gift and need to be treated with dignity and respect. Preservation of these resources is necessary.

Carlene C.
Keeping our states treasured history and land for the residents is essential to this valley. If possible, why would we as a community let that happen without action to preserve it and use it to better our community? Thank you!

Name not displayed
Such a unique site should have a unique use. An office building? C’mon. We can do better than that.

Name not displayed
We don’t need another office or apartment building…we DO need to preserve our natural space as much as possible. Utah is known for its outdoor recreation. Adding a natural hot spring facility to the Salt Lake area would at its appeal to the city and to tourism

Laurél F.
These are healing waters. They have been for thousands of years. This is a very historical place of healing. It must be preserved to keep the healing waters flowing and heal our city

Name not displayed
Historic buildings are more important than yet another apartment building.

Bruce P.
A place where history, art and culture come together.

Wanda H.
Keep our Historic Buildings sacred spaces for us, our children and especially our grandchildren. They would discover the joy of history and what is behind every building of value.

Melissa Z.
This is an important therapeutic and community setting that should be available for SLC residents! Warm spring waters are good for your health!

Lynda S.
We must cherish and preserve our community gathering places.

Andre V.
It belongs to us.

David T.
I would like to have access to a public hot spring without driving for over two hours round trip! Lets have one right here in the Salt Lake Valley!

Amy S.
The springs are sacred, please preserve them. We need more community places and this building will serve so many.

Andy jo S.
Because this building is historic and nobody wants to live in that area anyway

Celeste B.
The last thing we need in this area is another apartment building

Kelly F.
Because I live in the neighborhood and we need to keep our history alive!

Emily C.
Historical beautiful building should be preserved.

Alyssa T.
We need to keep ahold of our historical city rather than placing an apartment building in every corner.

Maxine N.
History is a precious commodity in our community.

Brook M.
Why cap off and leave unused a natural resource unique in its history? I enjoy hot springs and it enriches the culture in SLC.

Clayton A C.
Because we need to preserve good things from the past or we are just a turned page.

Anne A.
Because I live here! Utah has a poor record of protecting our history and culture…let protect this wonderful asset to our community Lets use it! I’m sure the water is still warm!

Amy A.
This is part of the city’s history and we have enough apartments and office space.

Diana B.
This is a gorgeous historical building and should be saved. We don’t need yet another luxury apartment complex.

Kaz S.
Because it would be extremely tragic to lose such a Gem as this in our city. This place is very, very special!

David M.
This could be such an amazing place to visit if the hot spring pools were renovated!

Bradley H.
It’s crazy that the city would even consider converting park space into apartments.

Name not displayed
I swam in this pool as a child and I was dissapointed as a child when this closed. A therapeutic hot springs within the valley would benefit many. We don’t need more apartment buildings. We need places of healing.

John S.
This site should be renovated and used for community purposes.

Lora N.
Let’s keep it open to public!

Karen M.
Natural resources like this need to be preserved & enjoyed especially hot springs with theraputic properties. Not all want to drive to Honeyville or Lava for a treat like this! AND please no high rise apartment to block more of our natural views. Palm Springs CA restricts building heights which is quite refreshing, keeping views for all to enjoy. This could be a lovely spot to enjoy community and actively revive this golden opportunity of this hot springs!

Cynde H.
We need to preserve more of our past in Slc. It would also be great to have some hot springs available

Julie L.
Not only the historical architecture, but the healing nature of the warm/ hot springs

Linda M.
It’s a beautiful old building with a rich history. It needs to be restored and brought back to life. The unique architecture itself is enough to merit restoration. Plus, the park next to it is a lovely space that should remain open. Please don’t tear down and build apartments!

Name not displayed
My children and grandchildren need more local activities in the community.

Hannah H.
Healing center for the community is a dream of mine

Vicki G.
Great community center for healing!

Lisa K.
Beautiful old building

Megan R.
We love that park and use it often. It would be wonderful to bring the hot springs back. Our community could use an attraction like that. The LAST thing we need is more high density housing. ?

Nicole Z.
A) This is a public park and a part of our neighborhood. Let’s not take away from that. Building private housing in the middle of the park ruins the park. B) From what I understand, the building of any private housing does not guarantee restoration to the historic structure. C) This neighborhood doesn’t have the infrastructure to be the high-density area the city seems to think it is. Until we have more parking, services, and more public transportation options, please stop planning large developments.

Annette D.
Being a historical site I believe we should restore the bath house and honor the history. Warm spring water has proven to be healing. I am a local Rose Park resident/home owner and I believe it could help clean up the area and add intrigue to our community. There is so much housing going up all over valley, I vote we preserve and enjoy this piece of history and add it to the must see spots in SLC.

Kristina S.
Historic preservation! It’s just the classy thing to do!

Lisa A.
I live in this area and I feel we need more unique local attractions to bring people to northwest Salt Lake and boost its economy. A hot springs facility would be completely unique.

Ashley S.
No apartments! Preserve the unique beauty and integrity of one of the few historically interesting buildings in Salt Lake City.

Steven H.
I recognize the healing powers of Hot Springs. I am amazed that in a major US city like Salt Lake City we have a Hot Spring and we aren’t able to properly use it.

Dan E.
No place close to swim. Plus the acitecture of the building

Jennifer E.
Preserving this historic building and the surrounding land will beautify our city and draw citizens and vistors to this lovely space.

Kenny W.
Hot springs are such a value to me, they are so relaxing and healthful. I would love to see this place become a beautiful, peaceful hot springs once again. This is the only hot springs in valley so if you make it apartments you are forever damning something that should be cherished.

Margaret M.
I love hot springs for the very real healing benefits and community building. These Warm Springs are a potentially huge asset to our city and should be treated as such.

Tyler C.
I remember going to the museum as a child, and have always found it a beautiful structure. Let’s keep this as a community asset!

Dave G.
These grounds need to be preserved!

Julie V.
Our city is in need of gathering spaces for diverse community. This location has history and heart. Please consider future generations before profit. In the long view what does it profit us if we continue to build islands for isolation and division rather than sacred spaces such as this for connection and creativity?

James L.
What’s not important about history?

Mark W.
We’re quickly losing our historic buildings in Salt Lake CIty from downtown to Sugarhouse and beyond. The texture of our community is being erased one project at a time and with that our character and history.

Carol F.
Our history must be preserved.

Paul R.
I’d rather see this opened than a new giant apartment complex.

Meisha M.
Woodbury family don’t need to degrade a beautiful historical building for corporate greed. This building has so much potential and shouldn’t be over shadowed or stuffed into a corner.

Melodee C.
Beautiful building, amazing hot springs. Keep it public, Please!

Name not displayed
Don’t need more high-rise apartment buildings that are overpriced. we need open spaces and places for people to meet why don’t you make it into a Civic Center small conventions can happen her gathering places for people indoors since we live in a snow area there’s a lot of months in the year that we can’t do things outside. Wasatch plunge would be a good location there’s a lot of things the space could be used for besides selling it off be creative for god sakes it’s a really cool building. The city should be able to utilize it for the citizens to use

Linda H.
I would rather see a gathering place of diverse people and activities than another office building and aprs.

Don K.
Not all new things are progress. I think this could be what Sylvia and others envision; a place for all to enjoy.

Pam K.
Salt Lake City needs to continue its connection to Nature. The way incredibly swift development of apartment complexes are taking up what seems to be every nook and and crannie is telling our future generations that living in cramped quarters with few places to breathe, experience nature, culture, art, and space. This is wrong thinking at its most insidious. Don’t let developers and greed take another natural, irretrievable part of SLC! Thank you, Alliance, for seeing this through!

Corrie P.
We don’t anymore apartment buildings or office spaces. We need to preserve what open space we have and who doesn’t like hotsprings

Mark G.
There is an awesome natural hot springs close for so many people to use or put up another apartment building and end forever this natural gems existence

Lori M.
This is a historic building in a great location that has been sittting there for years and I want to use it. It is the perfect place for a healing center!

Bobbie P.
I LOVE hot springs. preserving this space could add a lot of value and tourism. there is not a commercial hot springs in salt lake. I just went to Bhudapest, Hungary where they have many hot springs in the city, the old buildings are especially popular due to historic significance.

Colleen B.
I grew up swimming in the pools when it was old and run down. My sons loved the Children’s Museum. Great memories in this historical building. Please don’t put up apartments…

Andrea W.
I have fond memories of the “hot pots”

Bea H.
Need to restore this unique building and make these special hot springs available to the SLC community

David W.
There are few areas left with historic significance and public use and my children also will benefit in respect for public care for their local history

Roz N.
It’s paramount to preserve historic buildings while promoting vibrant new spaces for the community. I can’t think of a better place for a creative/healing arts center!

wynde k.
This site should be renovated and used for community purposes.

Julianna C.
Community space!

Jennifer S.
I would love to see this beautiful historic sight be returned to the community. I think it’s needed.

Kathryn D.
First, community. And, I believe we need to refurbish, recycle, renew our world rather than develop with toxic materials and industries in the name of ‘development’.

Mike S.
Historic and public access reasons

Name not displayed
Preservation of a time when architecture was beautiful and we took pride in our creations.

Bill F.
Preserve history and to promote the arts. Apartments are cash cows for owners only, Enough are being made in Salt Lake to cover the future needs for many years to come.

Olivia D.
I used to volunteer there when it was The Children’s Museum and I have so many good meteorites. It’s such a beautiful building I would love to see it stay and not replaced by more box buildings

Carmell C.
This unique building has an important history and powerful potential that is much needed and is currently missing in our SLC community. I want our city and officials to support Warm Springs Alliance and the project to make this into a central space for community connection on all levels.

Spencer D.
The architectural landscape of salt lake has changed dramatically over the last ten years. I would argue for the worse. Every apartment building that has gone up in recent years is cheap and ugly. It is the same crap architecture that designates a place nowhereville. Because u can’t tell if you’re in Utah, Nebraska, Florida, Texas or California by looking at it. It’s homogenized mass production that adds nothing of value to the community. We have some of the most incredible geography in the world in Utah. If we cultivated a unique architecture to accent that geography it would create a world destination even greater than what we already are. Can u imagine Europe with all these tacky condos and apartment buildings in all their cities? Do you think Europe would hold the same appeal it does today without its beautiful architecture? Why not keep the children’s center building and turn it into a public pool and utilize the hot springs?

Mallory B.
As a kid, I spent many happy hours at the then Children’s Museum. I’ve watched with sadness as the building has started to crumble. For whatever reason, Utahns seem to hate historic preservation, and I don’t want this building to fall victim to that type of thinking. We should strive to maintain buildings that show the character and history of our community.

Nephi B.
This is a unique opportunity to have a gem attraction added to the neighborhood. You can always find another place to put up apartments and town homes. They have been popping up like crazy, what with the ones next to the hardware building ok 300 west and north temple and the ones right next to that on

Ryan W.
Preserving what makes Salt Lake City unique, is important to me!

Ryan F.
Please preserve this beautiful building! I would also love to see the spring preserved and able to be appreciated by those of us who never got to experience it!

Cori M.
I WANT to have the hot springs back in operation and PRESERVE this historical building & site!!

Perthenia E.
This area is a treasure, and we should protect it!

Anne H.
I have great memories of going there; it should belong to everyone.

Eric R.
History. Generations of human connection around the powers of nature.

Name not displayed
Let’s preserve this unique historical site, and provide a new place to gather and enjoy natural hot springs together as a community.

Travis L.
Important historical art and architecture is a passion of mine. I would love to see Salt Lake City and Utah generally caring about these spaces more, and proving it by preserving them and having them serve and feed the community. I would love to see this space preserved and renewed in a way that serves the neighbors and community surrounding it. Yet another retail/housing development will further suck the spirit and history out of this city.

Sandy C.
Since the building was last vacated I hoped that something wonderful would soon be housed there. Now after 15 years it seems it could become a residential/commercial venture. I would love to see it restored as a community gathering place.

Lisa M.
It is a precious and rare opportunity to renew the hot springs back to their original use. A great community gathering place.

I went swimming at Beck Hot Springs many times. It has a lot of history that needs to preserved. No to any development for residential living. History of Beck Warm Springs need to be preserved.

Tanga R.
Historic buildings add character and remind us of where we have come from.

Teresa V.
Progress does not mean we need to destroy history to attain it. Refurbish this building and creatively build housing around it. The building is sound and could be used for a myriad of purposes.

Miriam V.
Preserving the unique historical sites throughout Salt Lake City is critical –our past is important and the city should find ways to save sites like this instead of tearing it down to put up another apartment complex. That area is so beautiful with the park and historic buildings…let’s renovate and make it a unique destination.

Tomoko T.
History. Also the source of hot spring is a gem for the area and it has great potential.

Carole M.
We need to perserve historic buildings & our past. The archectiture is much more interesting than it is now.

Michelle S.
We live in the Marmalade district and have owned our home since 1984. This area does not need another large apartment/condo complex. We need to preserve as much of the original building as possible and provide a community-oriented resource.

Pollie P.
This sacred site needs to be preserved and restored! There are other proposals that will honor the site’s historical value to the community.

Jay P.
I was never able to go, my little brother was able to experience it at a young age but I’ve always been intrigued and wanted to join.

Willow B.
Restoration of historical and commUnity center

MaryBeth Jarvis C.
Historic preservation and community use.

Emilee S.
As I live in the Marmalade community, I would like to see it revitalized and kept as historic as possible. By keeping this building intact and renovating it to better than its original glory would be a great addition to the neighborhood.

Virginia C.
This historic building should stand and be renovated. We lose our history when our buildings are demolished.

Deiedre P.
As a child we went to the Warm Springs to swim. My cousin would come down on their vacation and they loved going there. Personally, I think they should be rehabilitated and reopened to the public. Salt Lake City has so few historical sites left! They are always reinventing themselves. We need something from our past to share and be proud of. There are plenty of apartments and plenty of other spaces. Please don’t destroy this piece of history. Thank you

Anna M.
This is a Utah Landmark needing to be preserved and enjoyed.

Minette M.
It’s a lovely and historically important building.

Aaron J.
Preserve our city’s history and historic architecture – this building should be rehabilitated and creatively reused for something other than another condo development

Pamela B.
Architectural history!

Name not displayed
I grew up swimming at this spot, we called it “Polio Plunge” in the fifties. I took my kids to the Children’s Museum when it was housed there. Saw the train set up in the basement, it was awesome. I grew up with HO trains, we had a train room similar to the one there, just not as large…. It would be wonderful to have the hot springs revitalized and open. It’s a classic building, save it!!! No apts. !!! Thank you, Margo

Fred C.
I have fond memories of taking my son to this beautiful building when it housed the Children’s Museum. Putting bland apartments behind it does it dishonor. I want to see it preserved for community use and retain its historic character. And I hope the hot spring waters can flow again.

Charles L.
This is the only great example of mission-style architecture in my city. It has a long history as a community space and I would love to see it used as one.

Heather A.
I think we should preserve historic buildings.

Amanda M.
That is a beautiful building with so much history. The park adjacent to it is also lovely. There are enough enormous apartment buildings in Salt Lake, leave this one alone.

Erika C.
I grew up in this neighborhood and frequently visited the Children’s Museum and green space surrounding. My mother and grandmother visited the pools and springs. This is a beautiful and valuable part of the history of this valley and one that deserves to be honored. Not only does the building deserve to be restored, the mature trees and surrounding green space is something that continues to benefit the community and is of great value.

Anneke S.
I would like this to be protected as a historic site.

Catherine L.
SLC needs to preserve its historic charm. There are so many monstrous apartment buildings going in around town. It’s losing its character and sight lines of the mountains. What we don’t need is another block of apartments.

Jenni T.
I’d love to see the facility a much needed pool for the area.

Sylvia N.
There are better places for apartment buildings. This is a unique landmark that can be used to benefit the whole community.

Dan B.
It is a historic marker in Salt Lake.

Wendy T.
I want to see a Wellness Center there and reactivate the Hot Springs back!!!

Linda W.
We need to protect and save our local history and culture.

Deb O.
Geothermal is the future-why block off this resource? There are thousands of alternative sights for apartments buildings. At least using the geothermal feature for heating and hot water should be mandated.

Franklin E.
I did a lot if swimming there. Also my grandmother worked there. It’s a beautiful place

Stan P.
I used to swim there.

Michael B.
I want the warm springs site to be a public place for everyone.

Amanda C.
No more luxtury condos or huge unaffordable housing options in the place of our historic sites!

Susan Y.
it is part of history and we need it more than a new development

Rocky A.
It’s a unique, historic place that should be preserved for public use.

Randall N.
Want to see the building used for and by the local community.

Joy k.
My grown son spent hours here when this was the children’s museum. I love this building! I’d love to see a play space for children ( Playdate PDX in Portland comes to mind) the rooms could also be converted into temp shelters for single/teen mothers. I’m an investor, I would love an opportunity to restore this gem!!!

Brandilee C.
I grew up in Salt Lake and I believe that preserving its unique history and heritage is more important that another office building or apartment. I also believe in preserving open space.

Susan K.
This a beautiful building with springs below! Lets utilize it in a natural, preserving way and create a place for people to gather and relax.

Sharon M.
I love the alternative use idea to this historic site!

Name not displayed
I drive past this building daily it has always saddened me that it has not been put to good use since the children’s museum moved. I support renovation and preservation to create a communal gathering space to revitalize this area. Perhaps the hot springs restaurant and food market space. Move the farmers market here and away from Pioneer park.

Michael B.
I grew up in Salt Lake City. I went to this place as a child when it was the Children’s Museum, and designed an art installation for it with my eighth grade art class. On that install, the curator showed us the back swimming pool and gave us an overview of the building’s awesome history as Salt Lake’s first gymnasium with pools warmed by warm springs. It should be preserved (even refurbished). Great architecture and a fun story.

John S.
A thermal spring would be a community healing space and recreational opportunity that is greatly missing from salt lake. Hot springs are important and should be preserved

Corinne S.
Wellness is a need that is vital to life. Salt lake city needs more options and accessibility to increase health and well being.

Denise H.
It’s a historical part of the community. There are apartments going up everywhere around this area. Lets do something better!

Devin D.
To much of downtown has gone into new buildings and not preserving historic places. Also I hate driving to midway for the closest hot spring.

Ann W.
Too much “development” in general. I like our old buildings. We should preserve them.

Chris H.
Because I have alway thought that it is a historic spot and a natural resource that should be for the people to enjoy.

Kelsey S.
I love this building, I think it’s beautiful. I hate tearing down old buildings that represent our history. If we continue to tear down the old and beautiful and replace it with modern, trendy we will have very little left of any value.

Greg O.
I want to soak in the warm springs.

Marsha J.
Warm Springs is a historical property. We should celebrate and preserve the city’s first residential neighborhood. No more wall to wall apartment complexes!

Name not displayed
I grew up hearing stories of the fun my mom had at the “hot springs”. It would be nice to see it restored and be able to share it with my children and grandchildren.

Meredith K.
Grew up in those springs before they bulldozed. And i have seen a beautiful dance show inside the old pool if that building. It would be a sad shame to lose it.

Melissa N.
This is a juicy property!! To be honoured, respected and revitalized to its original use and purpose.

Dia F.
Keeping Historical building for communities to gather in & have some local hot springs!

Curtis A.
I used to visit the hot springs when I was growing up and would like to reconnect plus it will be a big health benefit for the community (not just SLC) and it will be a BIG public relations and marketing plus for the SLC area. Wow, SLC has a real hot springs!!!

Virginia M.
Not everything that is old is unimportant. It’s beautiful and there are many family memories there, as well.

Christy B.
it’s a wonderful heritage that is unique and irreplaceable!

Ian S.
This is a historic building in a historic neighborhood that I live in. The building should be restored and used again as a community center.

Geneva L.
Please preserve Warm Springs as a historical community asset, and if it is developed, make it a development that creates and maintains the spring itself for community use. Think about it a minute – we have a natural hot spring in our city. People travel and spend money to get to those. They are a tourist draw and a money maker. Ask the folks who run Crystal Hot springs – they’re doing well. It’s in an area of the city that would benefit from tourists and visitors from outside the neighborhood. And it could be a jewel for those who live nearby. If you must develop Warm Springs, why not do it as a public community asset that encourages people to come explore the neighborhood instead of an apartment building?

Kendal S.
Keep neighborhoods and their amenities walkable, and cut down on the nasty air pollution problem. Rather than creating more living space far from amenities.

Liz Y.
Save the Warm Springs!! This is rare and unique and should be treasured.

Suzanne M.
Preserving Utah’s cultural patrimony is of the utmost importance. Not everything needs to be collected and placed into the “this is the place” monument

William C.
This is a unique amenity in a capital city. It should be protected and improved, not privatized and profiteered.

Saara U.
Health and Well-being of Salt Lake community.

Jenny C.
We have enough new housing and office going up everywhere. But where is gathering, community and life happening for all these people? This would be a wonderful place to revive and benefit all of us to visit and enjoy.

Heidi K.
because it is

Disa G.
This building is beautiful and historic and a perfect spot for a community gathering place. We shouldn’t let it go.

Lisa N.
This is a historical building and gathering place

Leraine H.
Water is life! What a gift for community to have a healing center with this spring.

Nancy J.
This Ancestral meeting ground still holds the specialness of thermal waters and open space, near a mega city. Needs to be preserved.

Andrea R.
The former Children’s Museum and surrounding area deserve preservation in the community spirit of which they have always been a part. Keep our city historical treasure in tact!

Kathleen B.
Historic and community value.

Shaunelle E.
We are destroying our heritage

Holly C.
Community, community, community and healing community.

Nicki J.
This should be a place to be enjoyed by many – not just replaced by a structure.

Amy S.
I’d love to see this area utilized as a community space. It has such a rich history and we don’t need another apartment building.

Rachel S.
The historic character of our neighborhood is one of its most valuable and unique features in Utah and USA history. Warm Springs is an integral part of that.

Jaecey A.
I loved visiting the warm springs when I visited it in the past! I think the area could be reclaimed as a beautiful park and space for the arts!

Allison O.
We need to preserve more of our heritage, particularly as it relates to community development, not DEVELOPMENT. We need more places that bring us together, not separate us. PLEASE consider restoring the history of this beautiful place and how it will benefit the community.

Jack H.
I went to the springs when I was young. Great memories! It mocks Utah values to put up a business building instead of a great value for Utah families and tourist. Making it a business building would be unprofitable in the long run and only benefit a few business owners and administrators yet rob others of a great opportunity that would be valued by all. I now live in southern Utah but would certainly make the trip to SLC for the warm springs. Seems like a no-brainer adventure. I hope the politicians and financial backers elsewhere will realize and support what is best for the Utah citizens and tourists.

Risa H.
Love historic sites. There is lots of other places for apartments. Please re invent this space in a creative beautiful way with the warm springs lots of garden green space.. remodel and create something amazing. I agree with all others.. art interactive museum, eating , spa services, a masterplan of beauty and health. Not too commercialized but a creative space.

Laura H.
This is a one-of-a-kind spring in this valley. It could offer much to the community as a gathering place, and as a place to rejuvenate and heal. It’s historical and should be redeveloped for use by all.

Terry R.
History and beautiful architecture.

Megan K.
This should be reopened as a house of healing and community.

Angela F.
A beautiful natural resource that could enhance our local and tourist culture? It should be important to all of utah.

Rachel R.
SLC has a ton of apartment buildings with more and more being built just outside of downtown. Part of this city’s charm is all of the amazing history. It would be a shame to loose some of it to yet another apartment building.

Katie H.
I have fond memories here. It has made me sad to have watched it fall into disrepair. I know that restoration and preservation projects take $ but once changed we can’t bring it back again. Now we have a chance to preserve and beautify for the benefit of the community now and for future enjoyment.

Laurie F.
We need to respect our historical sites and not destroy them.

Kathleen F.
I lived in SLC for 8 years

Tim G.
I grew up in Salt Lake City and hope to move back someday. Every time the city loses one of its historic buildings, it is like cutting off a limb that can never grow back. This building has a story, connects people to the history of the neighborhood, and can be saved for the future. Long-term value for the collective memory should be held in higher regard than short-term financial gain for a select few.

Tegan F.
This building is so close to my home. I would love to see the hot springs opened and the historic building preserved. I am so tired of seeing the charming Marmalade/Capital Hill area taken over by crappy modern apartments, condos and office buildings. How about we start reserving some cool Salt Lake history and natural features?

Debbie W.
The preservation of an area is important. I am tired of groups coming in and destroying something historical for something new and massive.

Jo Ellen P.
This neighborhood is up and coming due to the new library. Please do not turn this into downtown with all the brand new built high rise condos and apartments. This hot springs can make Marmalade District special.

Steve S.
Erasing history for profit is a bad deal

Michelle M.
We need to restore this area for not only a beautiful tourist attraction, but also for a community space.

Carmell C.
Progress is measured not only by what meets current markets, but by what recognizes and preserves certain centralizing points of our past. These anchors of our past direct the compass of our current progress toward the community we create together instead of blindly driving markets and profits.

Milton B.
In so many ways, on so many levels: history, open space, public’s desire, etc., etc.

Emily Jenson J.
Having community access to Natural Springs is an inalienable right. Excessive building that serves only a few, over a whole community, is a crime that needs to be recognized and stopped before the situation gets worse.

Patricia A.
I lived in that neighborhood and walked that park 5 out of 7 days. I walked around that building and thought it was beautiful. I would like to reopen it for the public. I would even be willing to work there!!!

Kimberly K.
The neighborhood needs more historic bathhouses and less apartments

Mo H.
I live in the avenues!

Stephen W.
I ride by Warm Springs twice a day, every day, on my way to and from work. It is a beautiful, unique, green space in a city that is rapidly becoming ALL APARTMENTS. Parks and shared space are important for a city. Springs in a city are amazingly important. Instead convert the gravel quarries to apartments.

Stevie M.
I’m so sick of cheap apartments going up everywhere.

Hans R.
Historic places should be preserved. They add character to a city and should be restored for public use and enjoyment.

Sherm C.
Maintain a wonderful building on the historic register

Name not displayed
This is a historic building. It is unique and beautiful. Restore it, clean it up, and/or find other ways of bringing people to it. But please don’t turn this into another apartment complex. I used to live in the area and I don’t see the appeal or the point of destroying this piece of history.

Natali G.
This is my neighborhood. I want to preserve the history, not make more apartments.

Rebecca S.
Natural hot springs are an uncommon, rejuvenating gift, internationally recognized as a gathering and “healing” site.

Barbara W.
To preserve the site as a community gathering place, it’s history, a place to soak in warm healing waters.. with in Salt Lake City

Brandi S.
Love the earth 🙂

Holly W.
This park affords beautiful views of the city plastered against the wasatch, its a pocket of nature surrounded by industry. There are hot springs in a states capitol! That’s incredible! Please let us keep them, they should honestly be built up and a selling point for Salt Lake City. People love hot springs. The city of pagosa springs has wild hot springs alone a river walk in the middle of their town. It can be done in a way that is clean and promotes tourism. This should be developed more as a park for the public. Let the housing sprawl out in Utah county instead.

Rosie S.
History and tourism potential

Linda B.
I love old buildings.

Katie S.
The importance of this site goes back to early pioneer days and stretches through generations. These unique and meaningful places are vanishing right and left. Keep it so our kids can have something tangible to weave into their understanding of community and the people who build.

Samuel H.
Sounds like it has a lot of potential to be a great park and not everything has to be turned into housing.

Matthew D.
History matters. Life moves on but respect it. That’s why people celebrate and chose where they live. Not erase what makes it special.

Abby B.
The earth and land is sacred and doesn’t belong to us, we need to be Intelligent and heart centered about our decision when considering destroying more! Land.

John D.
Historical landmarks, especially those of community significance, should be preserved.

Name not displayed
Preservation is important.

Naresh K.
We need to preserve our historical landmarks and community spaces. It is in places like this that our neighbors can be neighborly and our community can unite in friendship and love.

Diane G.
great piece of Art. Maybe a Museum

Rebekah M.
We need to protect beautiful architecture.

Karen J.
It should go without saying that Historic landmarks and natural resources should be preserved.

Maureen L.
Free the healing waters

Mary L.
Preserving what is already there and honoring those who see great potential as a community benefit rather than another ominous residential development for a profit. Also, there should be funds available to restore it since it is a Historic Site.

Jared M.
Maybe it is worth saving. Maybe it isn’t. But at the very least there should be a lengthy, transparent, and fair public debate about the future of this site–not some back room, under-the-table deal between the City and private developers. But the current and past condition of the building / property certainly make it clear that the City is neither qualified nor interested in the long term preservation or enhancement of this site. So there surely needs to be a private / non-government component going forward to its ensure its future. That might a foundation set up and endowed for that purporse. But as a museum or mausoleum to the past it certainly doesn’t serve the community or stand much of a chance to survive long term. If we are going to “save” it… let’s save it as something that is vibrant and useful to the city and the community. If we can’t–or won’t–do that… then let’s just let it go and be done with it.

Jenell B.
Keep historic Utah free from commercial buildings and keep people’s memories intact.

Daniel J.
I want to see this place restored in a way that the hot springs can be used in some form or fashion by the general public. Something beautiful and healing could come into being here. Very happy to see this grassroots effort come into being.

Andrea T.
Get real what do you think would benefit our community more? A Beautiful place to connect with the earth and gather as a community or another apartment building ? I want to connect with the earth with each other so my dream includes this as it was meant to be: The gathering place to connect with each other and the earth

Name not displayed
This natural healing space is an important piece of Salt Lake history and important to those who value self care in a natural process.

David N.
used to visit hot springs nearby….love historic architecture

Jason R.
I love this historic building and want to see it preserved.

Kelly H.
Such a rare, special spring needs to be protected. It’s common sense.

Name not displayed
I live near by and go on walks around the site and the spring every so often; I have a rudimentary understanding of the site’s history. I would go swimming there daily if I could.

Jasmine H.
I believe in preserving and refurbishing our historic sites.

LaMarr H.
This is closed, so is Saratoga, it’s over a hundred miles round trip to Crystal Hot Springs.

Kim L.
I no longer live in the neighborhood, but I lived there for 7 years when I did. I loved this building for its unique architecture and I was always saddened that it was no longer being used as a community space. I also used the park often and saw my neighbors with their children there as well. With so many new apartment buildings popping up in the area, it’s important to keep some open and green space available for the families that move into the area. It would be a shame to replace it with yet another apartment building.

Roger B.
This is last publicly available hot spring area with great historical significance. Most if the original hot spring lake has been taken over by I-15 and the refinery. Many of the hot springs in Utah have been privatized and are no longer accessible to the public. If this area is developed it will never be available for public use again!

Robert C.
Its beautiful building and that area could use another pool.

Sumiko M.
I love warm springs, and such a historic site deserves to be preserved in a way that allows the public to continue to make use of it. This would be a unique asset to our community.

Name not displayed
History and AFFORDABLE housing is still NOT.

Stephen R.
Natural warm springs are a gift from God for all to use.

Brandon F.
I live very close to the park and often walk my dog there. It provides a nice public space for residents in both capital hill and marmelade to enjoy some outside time year round. It’s important to me that this space 1. stays public 2. preserves the historical quality of the space 3. Could potentially incorporate the spring into the master plan. It’s unique and as such should not be pushed to the wayside for private development. Take a chance SLC and do something truly creative and unique with this unique gem.

Willamarie H.
I remember the pool and warm pools. It is past time to reopen this facility, with a new safer roof design over the main pool. This buildings architecture is magnificent and one of the best remains examples of Mediterranean architecture in SLC. I also would like to see more apartment buildings in the neighborhood, but keep the green space and park around the warm springs.

Jackie H.
Because this is the only Hot Springs in the area and it is a Historical Site.

William D.
The park, the history and tranquility it brings to us in the Marmalade District.

Name not displayed
My grandparents and father grew up in salt lake, this place is a symbol of my grandmothers childhood and it should be restored

Kathy M.
My childhood in a nutshell, was spent here.

Name not displayed
the warm springs park and building should not become a commercial area. the building would lose its historical significance and the surrounding natural habitat would be destroyed by the debris and pollution that comes with construction – see the construction on Reed avenue, just down the street from the warm springs park to understand the level of litter that is created by construction of that size.

Mary Lou O.
Creating spaces in Salt Lake City that encourage a sense of community are important to me.

Name not displayed
Warm springs right in SLC? I want to be able to go there!

Nicole N.
Would love a local hot springs. We drive hours to spend time in Idaho or crystal.

Kay R.
To preserve green space and our architectural heritage. The site is also of historic significance to the city. Not everything needs to be converted to commercial interests.

Tanya P.
This is my neighborhood park. This is where I take my dog to play and where I deposit my glass recycling. This is where we have picnics and do a little exercise and have a bit of green space as 300 West turns into ugly industrial Beck St and the clog of commuters who exit 600 North jam our streets heading north. Can you imagine putting an apt complex in Sugarhouse Park or Liberty Park?? This has been a beloved community space for nearly 100 years. NOT a place for another apartment complex!

Val P.
I believe in historic buildings and places. May the building of modern appts and offices be elsewhere. Key natural history place of water be restored rather.

Shelly J.
Historic sites are valuable resources and tourist attractions. Warm springs are rare and extremely valuable for many reasons.

Jacob H.
I value public space and want to see a larger collective vision implemented around Warm Springs Park.

Joni M.
My extended community and would like less concrete and more sustainability with reuse of amazing spaces to be

Margaret M.
Please no apartment buildings in his lovelyn and historic piece of SLC. So much more would be gained if the plunge can be restored or if a community space can be designed for this space. LEAVE the open space open!

Marco D.
Please put emphasys on to the healing prioerties of hot spring waters. That place should be revitalize to its full healing potential.

Maureen O.
Living history is vital for future generations!!!

Joy K.
My son was a volunteer with the children’s museum and we cherish this building! So many awesome memories! My family are the original Mormon pioneers, I want this saved for my grandchildren!

Joanna S.
We need to honor the historical significance of this space.

Danny W.
Enough apartments being built, this place needs to be saved!

Angela R.
I live nearby and this could be a community gathering place, which is rare.

Edgar W.
The historical significance of this area should be left open space…

Sharon A.
It’s a historic landmark and I would like to see the hot springs utilized.

Paul J.
I live in the neighborhood and believe we need to revitalize institutions like this.

Rita R.
Keep Warm Springs Park and the building an open neighborhood space. Repurpose the building as a community center.

Larry F.
Its A beautiful building and we take our dogs to the park. Plus the are has enough new apartments and condos being built in the area. The Proposed building don’t FIT with the area and ruin the look of the area.

Name not displayed
It’s a unique public space; there are plenty of more appropriate places for new apartment buildings, as we’ve seen over the past few years.

Bryon W.
Historic value and a great place for the community.

Edson R.
The children need a safe space our future generation depends on sharing knowledge with the children!

Name not displayed
I live in the Marmalade district and there are plenty of overpriced apartment buildings already in existence and a lot more at various stages of construction being built now that the general population could never afford to live in, despite claims of being “affordable”. Putting up yet another one in the immediate area only drives up the cost of the one I live in now (It’s gone up from $699/mo to $815/mo in just the 3 years I’ve lived in this apt complex) I don’t see anything positive coming from yet another apartment complex being built in this location. It doesn’t add anything to the community. We don’t need another apartment complex in a very special and beautiful area when it can be put anywhere else. Why destroy one of the few remaining areas of open space and naturally flowing hot springs in the immediate area?. Please preserve this historic building and open space for all to enjoy. There is so much potential for this historically important and significant building and immediate surrounding area for the community to use like it was intended, as a public gathering place to share and grow ideas to enrich and improve their lives through involvement with their friends, family and neighbors.We’re quickly losing the connection with others in this fast-paced world and need to restore the personal ties with others with common interests & need to bring back that tight knit community spirit that used to exist. Too much of history is lost when greedy developers think we need an “improvement” in our cities, and destroying this building and open space would be a disservice to all.

Donnie B.
We have too much multi-unit housing as is is, and to turn every piece of property into such is a travesty. Restoring the springs would be a wonderful addition to the valley. To not have to drive more than 30 minutes to visit a natural warm spring would be a dream.

Corinne B.
Arts, community, healing movement, education, sacred springs.

Brittany J.
Many fond memories as a child and I want to see others experience this.

Matt M.
This is our downtown community’s hot springs. We let the oil companies ruin so much of it – but this last remaining bit could be revived into something truly amazing if we can save it. Once you develop or pave it – you can’t just build a new hot springs somewhere else. Give the public a chance to revive this space for the good of the entire community! No to private development – yes to community hot springs!!

Brooklyn O.
I have lived in Utah my whole life, with the last decade spent in downtown SLC. I have often ridden my bike up warm springs road and fantasized how awesome it would be to have Hotsprings in the city again. Tons of people travel far and wide to find an amazing place to soak, and I’ve always thought it was such a shame that we covered up amazing springs right in downtown. The ancient and indigenous people’s understood the relevance and healing power of the springs, as do many modern people. Please don’t build apartments over this historical landmark and natural feature, it would be lost forever. I believe that restoration of the warm springs would enhance our city’s tourism and appeal, as well as preserve this amazing natural feature from being lost forever. Every local would visit the springs if they were restored and open to the public!

Tristan A.
This is a truly historic site and unique in that had been used for it’s healing hot springs since indigenous people’s time. Please restore this hot springs so it’s history can be maintained using the rare hot springs as a community uniting force. It would be tragic to use this site for apartments when it has such important historical value.

Kirk H.
We should preserve the things that make Salt Lake unique. Not turn everything into a private property development.

Brooke C.
As a youth, I visited the Children’s Museum when it was at this location. I would love to see the hot springs returned for public use!

Lenka K.
This is a great historic building and it needs to be preserved and used again.

Name not displayed
It’s a neighborhood historic building I believe needs to be saved and used as it was intended

Donna B.
My family went there as kids, and I’d like to see it used again for the healing HOT SPRINGS.

melody m.
preserve these history filled buildings….stop tearing down and preserving!

Brook B.
The Warm Springs building is of the most unique buildings in Salt Lake City. Few examples of this type of architecture exist. Hasn’t Salt Lake City learned its lesson with all of the destruction of historic buildings in Salt Lake (especially South Temple)? It’s actually unbelievable that the demolition of this charming, historically significant building would even be considered! Especiallly for yet another oversized apartment building.

Jen M.
I grew up in the area. It can be a true gem if we revive the springs and make it a healing place for all the community. No more apartments!!!

Michael F.
Need to preserve the historic building and create a warm springs experience in SLC.

Bailey S.
this building should be a historical landmark!

Alexis S.
We don’t need more expensive apartments!!! We need more community spaces and to preserve the history in SLC!

William N.
I live in the neighborhood and would like to see the building preserved and turned back into a public pool/ meeting center.

Jessica M.
When I was in high school this was the closest park to host practices for the lacrosse team I was involved in. Before that, I frequented the children museum. I would be really sad to see this community space that is as big as liberty park fall to developers. Keep it for the people!

Shawn F.
Preserve the history of this historic building and this area, make it a neighborhood gathering place. This area is special, why bring it down with an apartment building that is not special? An apartment building can be built anywhere, Build it somewhere else.

Mary F.
I live in the neighborhood.

Glen M.
I agree that every effort should be made to assess community interest in and the feasibility of maintaining this unique building and adjoining park for the benefit of the neighborhood and the greater Salt Lake City community. I believe it would be a mistake to sell it off for commercial and/or residential development before a thorough exploration of options that would preserve its history and use as a community resource. Most importantly, citizens need ample opportunity to contribute to such a city-led evaluation and to have their input seriously considered by decision makers. I have lived downtown for 25 years. Although I am very aware of the building and it’s history (I swam there many times during the late fifties and early sixties), I have never been aware of an systematic effort to gather full community input about the disposition or use of that property. Glen McBride

Kirsten P.
Our historic buildings bring the character that Salt Lake City, and Utah need to preserve to increase its attractiveness. The proposed plan blights the view for the benefit of a few. Haven’t we ceded enough of our community to developers? This is public space; unless the development maintains the public nature it should be rejected.

Name not displayed
This is a beautiful historic building. Please restore it and preserve it.

Kimberly F.
A community treasure that can be restored for public use for generations to come.

Shirel W.
I would love to see the hot springs reactivated for public use again. The Springs are an important historical event for the West side. We need to honor and cultivate that history.

Name not displayed
I love the history that all humans have gathered at this place to take the waters. This is a beautiful ancient community building tradition that should be available to all. What a feather in Salt Lakes cap to be able to share with locals and tourists alike. It shows our love and respect for the land and for history.

Richard W.
Being originally from Boston where history is of ultimate importance, I cannot understand Utah’s willingness to destroy its own history and historical buildings!

Todd P.
This is my neighborhood, and I walk there regularly. I’ve always felt its a waste to let such a beautiful building and the surrounding land fall into disrepair. Community garden? Art space? Performances? Creative hub? So many possibilities

Name not displayed
It would be nice to have the warm springs so close to the city and it would bring the community together and keep it’s historics in place. We would enjoy the warm springs and I work very near the area and I would enjoy it immensely

Matthew C.
I work in the neighborhood at the UTA facility and would love a nearby place where I can relax and get to know others after a long day on the job.

Mike D.
I used to live in Utah and still have many friends and family there. Our modern society has already destroyed enough historical sites. Let us not add more.

Nicholas S.
I have fond memories of this building as a kid and now I work right by there. It would be a shame to destroy this piece of history.

Kayleigh H.
This is our neighborhood and we have to be able to say NO More to over development. We NEED to preserve the things that make us unique!

Brent M.
I grew up not far from this site and still have interests in the area. It needs to be preserved. The city has an opportunity the have a real gem and focal point of its northern gateway.

Elizabeth K.
It is a historic place. Don’t mess with it!

Christiana B.
If another apartment building is built it would destroy the opportunity to reactivate the only hot springs in the valley.

Marsha B.
Beautiful Historic Building

Forrest Cuch
It is a very important cultural and spiritual resource that must not only be preserved but restored and made sustainable.

Stephen T.
Public access to places of cultural significance and healing, are integral in facilitating the creation of culture that is based in community and depth, rather than consumerism. Salt Lake City would benefit immensely from something like this. Thank you to all who are working on this.

Randall T.
Historical preservation is essential.

Carly O.
Because I love hot springs and would love to see it restored

Name not displayed
I grew up in that neighborhood. It is a unique space and should be kept historic. Bring back the hot springs!

Dayna M.
This space should be kept as a community asset. As more of the development in the city becomes high density development, we need to retain open, public gathering spaces.

Darrel M.
I grew up just a few blocks from Warm Springs. This needs preserving. There are other places suitable for apartments in the area.

Tavish M.
I love to see unique public spaces kept that way. It would be awesome to have local hot springs again.

Name not displayed
What a fabulous historic building, it should be preserved as a community multipurpose building.

Loyal L.
The best part of my early summers was spent there learning to swim. Most importantly, it is historically significant dating well before my time.

Bonnie Mangold
It’s about wanting public space and open space and the need to protect these things where they still exist. These are both essential to a healthy and happy city. Once public land is privatized restrictions pile up and access and behavior in nearby public spaces tend to get controlled in a way that excludes people (think Main Street). It’s a big principle that overrides one housing project jammed into one of the oldest, historic sites.

Thea Brannon
So important not to lose our HISTORY!

It’s NOT the historic building that’s the REAL reason for preserving this very uniquely significant landmark…it’s the HOT SPRINGS which is an invaluable resource for healing, gardens, green-houses, alternative energy systems, community gatherings, etc.

Meggin W.
Historic preservation and the potential for renewed community connection–not to mention access to HOT SPRINGS in our great city. I want to continue to encourage the appreciation of unique places and the opportunities they offer.

Tedra S.
Healing communities and access to spring water restoring and maintaing history.

Nancy H.
Historic buildings are important in understanding our heritage and in preserving architectural elements not seen in modern buildings.

Jana T.
The last thing this city needs is more apartment buildings. Especially given the opportunity to have a great, natural community meeting place.

Alyce L.
The springs are God given. I find this historic location as out of the hub-bub of life, and a dwelling place for spiritual energy, connection and learning. Please let us find a way to support preserving this effort. This is why “I” am signing this petition.

Janell L.
Although this site isn’t in my county, I only live 10 minutes away. I have always loved the beauty and design of this historic building. We loved going there when it was the Children’s Museum. It has been sad to see it sit empty becoming more run down all the time. We would definitely be interested in being able to go there in the future. Please don’t let it be torn down just to make more apartments!.

Lynda S.
We need to preserve the history and uniqueness of Salt Lake City. I see expensive housing going up everywhere and it does not serve the general population. The apartments are definitely not serving those who need affordable housing. I loved taking children to the old children’s museum, and love the character and history of the building. It needs to be saved and used for community. Respect the natural gifts of Utah. Keep the springs.

Alison N.
I absolutely loved spending time here as a child when it was the Children’s Museum. I would love to see the building occupied again but there are many housing options popping up all over salt lake and this has much more interesting possibilities.

Terry K.
the history and the springs

Athina K.
My mom went there regularly. she died at 92 years old. I think it’s an important resource and needs to be revenovated and remain public. Keep as a historic heritage.

Rebecca D.
I grew up with it being a meuseam and always wished they turn it back into pools.

Linda G.
It has historical value and architectural interest. It also has the potential of having commercial value as a spa. The grounds around could serve as green space in an area being overbuilt quickly. Save what green we can in the time we have.

Luli J.
This location has profound historical resonance and deep cultural ties. Those public connections must be central to whatever future use is envisioned for this space.

This section is comments from responses to this survey asking “What would you most like to see happen with the Warm Springs Plunge building?”

Create a place where more people can appreciate and honor its presence, while connecting with others and building support within this magnificent community.

Revert to its original use as a soaking spring of some kind. It would be totally unique! Plus a small café or something to add convenience.

Opportunity for community spiritual practice, interfaith discussion, art classes for diverse community together.

I think it would be great if it was turned back into a spring, perhaps a type of park where there would be easy access to soaking in mineral water and it could also have a very small fee, like a public pool (to maintain the site).

Retain public access to the warm springs, and have more events available

I would like to see it preserved, for my friends and anyone else who’s interested

I would like to see it restored and used for community classes/events/projects.

Keep the building intact and create a public use facility

I would like to see hot springs.

Restored to a community space.

I’d like it to be a warm sprIng bath like Crystal or Downata or maybe higher end than those. Or possibly like a county pool and rec center similar the current Salt Lake County facilities that incorporates the hot springs.

An arts and culture center for the neighborhood.

I would love for the springs to open and the building could be used as an event venue much like Galvin plaza. I am against turning it into an office building and with apartments.

Restore and preserve it. Bring able to use the hot springs would be awesome!

If it can’t be saved then another Spa Building

Gathering space for community. Weddings?
Restored and opened to the public for community activities as art, history, music, and events.

Restore the old pool and make it a hot springs soaking/swimming place. The building needs to be restored, not torn down. It could serve food and drinks for the soaker so.

How about turning it back into a swimming pool, or maybe a bunch of hot tubs in separate rooms that could be rented.

I would like to see a women’s community for health and spiritility. Some place women of all ages can get together and help each other.

Exactly what is suggested in this introduction.

renovated and upgraded for public use, I went to the last night many years ago and it was packed

Please renovate the original building so it can keep it’s Historical Landmark status

Restored and opened to the public for community activities as art, history, music, and events.

Restore the old pool and make it a hot springs soaking/swimming place. The building needs to be restored, not torn down. It could serve food and drinks for the soaker so.

How about turning it back into a swimming pool, or maybe a bunch of hot tubs in separate rooms that could be rented.

I would like to see a women’s community for health and spiritility. Some place women of all ages can get together and help each other.

I’d like it to be restored and reopened

Bath house, massage.

It’s such a great space in a not too busy part of town. I liked the ideas I checked in the previous question

A place to soak and bring the kids

Restore the building providing “peaceful”/healthy mind, body, spirit activities, to include the mineral hot springs as the main attraction, bringing community in!

Hot springs to soak in and an on-going supportive community that emphasis equality, respect, growth and union.

A community gathering place to promote wellness and connection with others

Restored and used as a hot spring / bath house

Create a space that we can connect as a community by offering several different events and healthy opportunities as listed previously.

I would like to swim/soak in a well-maintained warm springs pool. Spa services would also be cool.

reinvent the warm springs original use to modern day spa while utilizing local vendors and create a local based center

I don’t know anything about the space so I don’t have an opinion so far.

Something for the community – I would love a hot springs available since I go north for that.

Bring back the water. Hot springs are a rare and beautiful thing and it’s a shame that there is something so great this close to the city that is not being used properly. SLC would make great use of a quality hot spring pool/spa.

Restore the hot springs and make it available to all people for healing

Revitalize to it’s original glory!!

I really want to see it preserved, restored and life breathed back into the historic building and place. I also really want the hot springs opened. Such a natural resource should not go to waste.

Restored into a warm springs plunge.

Hot springs!

Brought back to life.

Preservation first. If there was some way to get the pools back in use that second.

I would like it to be a hub for community to thrive. Somewhere that art and culture meet. I would love to see a local market there, including local craft food/ bev vendors, artists etc. I would like a place for indi films and performances. Sharing ground for day to day activities, including restoration of the bathhouses, and common areas to be used to bring people together.

The building is lovely and I’d love to see it restored. It would be great if the springs could be made public.

Restore and open to the public. Get rid of the creeps that hang around.

Knock the place down. It is infested with bugs and homeless people. It is falling down and is an eyesore. There is always broken glass in the parking lot.

renovated and upgraded for public use, I went to the last night many years ago and it was packed

Please renovate the original building so it can keep it’s Historical Landmark status

Renevated to a yoga/spa/community classes/teaching/learning environment. Available for practitioners to rent for events such as a special yoga class, a Tai Chi class, outside of normal classes that might be offered there.

I would like to see a community spa at the Warm Springs Plunge Building. Where people can come to enjoy the water in a casual setting. I would like there to be a variety of services ranging from massage therapy and other healing arts to fitness classes. A wellness motivated rec center!!

Restoration, access for all people, healing activities

Restoration to a warm springs plunge and cultural center

Community healing center

Open it back up as a plunge and community center

I don’t know about reopening the spring, but the building is architecturally significant and would love to see the building used as an events center or any other uses since there is hardly any historic units in this neighborhood.

A beautiful hot springs facility. I’m always looking for a place to soak in warm water that’s close by and there isn’t anything. It could be a big draw. We should take advantage of the natural resources.

Public bath.

Converted into an eclectic artsy and community gathering place… have a coffee shop inside… a place to listen to music, interesting speeches, town hall council meetings, place to put up artisan shops, etc.

Hot Springs, community/event center

Multifamily/Office Development

I want to see the Warm Springs Building restored. Too many of old buildings are being demolished taking away the charm of our city.

There are mosques, temples of all religions that are a place for reflection and meditation. Unfortunately, my spirituality doesn’t align with a religion. As silly as it may sound, hot springs have been one of the closest venues I can go to that makes me feel that way. I love to relax, meditate, and heal my body in hot water. I would love to see some rooms that are communal, physically beautiful, and peaceful and quiet to where people can go and feel comfortable doing so. I remember one time being in Bozeman Montana and going to a building that had hot springs. I was so hungover but the hot springs healed me like new. I felt ashamed SLC didn’t have this access. This place needs to be restored to a beautiful hot springs and whatever other amenities that align with it.

I would love if it could be turned into more or less a Japanese style onsen, with separate men and women sides and children welcome. When we go to Osaka our favorite place to go is called Spa World. It’s an indoor onsen experience right in the city where it has a variety of soaking tubs but also warm water play areas for kids and even an outdoor grill area to hang out and eat shaved ice on the deck overlooking the city. Families just go there and hang out and visit to unwind at the end of the work day. The whole experience there was just so relaxing and open. I wish we could have something like that here in America. Salt Lake is just the kind of innovative community to bring that kind of awesomeness here.

Keep it! Remodel and refurbish. Old buildings like this are to precious to lose. It would be a great asset to the community to be used and loved by many more in the decades to come.

A community center with classes and warm springs

Without seeing the layout of the grounds, build a network of co-op restaurants and retailers. A sort of indoor promenade where the community can congregate in a unique setting. Order food and drinks from assorted vendors and enjoy each others company and the historic architecture.

Well, first I had no idea this building even existed nor that there used to be a bath house until today! Facebook post drew my attention. I saw the picture and thought it would make for a great Circus Arts facility like the one I manage, Cirque Asylum. If there is any way we can be brought into this project, please contact us to discuss possibilites!!

Would love it saved!!! It’s a beautiful building and needs to be preserved. I would love to see a bath house and dinner and dance hall. Something reminiscent of the past for today’s community

I would love to see it preserved and soaking made available.

Hot Springs soaking

It needs to be preserved. I just drove past the other day and wondered what would become of that property. It seems silly to not have it be a hot springs pool. People drive up to Lava Hot Springs all the time, why not have something more convenient.

A communal activity center would be fantastic! Make it a classy, fun place for those within our community to spend time together.

I would love to see the return of the hot springs. I enjoyed them so much when I was young.

Preserve and use for public venues

A community-oriented center where I can connect with other like-minded people and participate in activities.

It to be saved and used to unite our healing community

Community gathering space

Conservation, first and foremost. The mission style building is a salt lake gen. I would like to see the warm springs conserved and for the whole area to be preserved as a public place. Please do not develop with condos or apartments .

See it restored / preserved / celebrated / and most importantly….USED!

It needs to be open for community programming. The springs need to be open to the public.

Thinking about its own resources (hot spring source, historic building, the site itself, and cultural diversity in this community), the building should be re-utilize using all of them. – Based on the history (incl. Native Americans) – Utilizing the original resources (water, building, area, people) – Providing community ‘special but affordable experience’ – We can also seed ‘understanding different culture’ through this enjoyable experience, not through painful memories or usual ‘learning’ ‘teaching’ thing.

I want this building preserved and the historic site to be designated. I spent many days there as a child in the 1960s and later took my children to this site when it was the home of the children’s museum



I share the vision of the Alliance; arts, culture, soaking, children’s events, classes, etc.

I think it is really a meaningful spot that we would be nuts not to go all out to save from a giant development!!!!!!

I would be interested in renting space if that will be offered, and affordable.

Reuse and restore what can be done

Why if we have mineral hot springs in this valley for centuries for public use will the source be restricted and or eliminated?

Really like the idea of soaking and spa services

Not every city has an opportunity like this to bring community together – nowadays – it’s unheard of and the cost is prohibitive, but need not be

I hope this vision comes to fruition. Thank you!

Bring back the hot water! People will come!

I did not know about it before now.

This is such a rare and unique site — truly, a gift from nature for the people. To turn it into merely another commercial building, for money, seems like losing our soul.

I would love and support a hot springs and community event venue! Do it!

Please don’t build another building to take away from the beautiful place it is and could become again.

I think it is important to have a very carful selection of what would go into the market, so that it can support our local community. It needs to be a public space, not a private club setting. This restoration is esencial for marmalades growth and replenishment.

It would be a better park without the building.

There’s already a park there — incorporate it into the park like some of the buildings in Liberty Park.

I’m tired of amazing historical buildings being turned in to other people’s profit. Keep it for the city and the community.

I love the park and that area on Beck Street, please don’t destroy all that great history

I think this is a wonderful opportunity to have something that benefits locals but would be an attraction to our visitors.

Please let me know how I can become “anxiously involved” now.

Have the refineries messed up the water quality? When is the last time the water has been tested?

I remember taking my sons there when it was a childrens museum. This historical building and space need to be protected!

Anything I can do to help, I would like to know.

Would love to get involved. Had no idea this was a thing. I’ve always LOVED this building and continually amazed it still stands after all these years.

Save it (and others like it) and preserve the history of our city. Please reference: The Promenade area and what they’ve been doing with buildings recently in Long Beach. Denver is similiarly reusing and preserving some old buildings.

My family travels probably 3-4 times a year to Crystal Hot Springs and one of the main factors why we don’t go more is the distance…would love to have a natural hot springs here in the city!

I am a Japanese who has lived here since 2001. Because of my background and my own religion (I am a buddhist and also believe Shinto), I’ve been thinking a place for a new community and for residents here in Salt Lake area. I have been thinking how to utilize this site for broader community here over 8 years and in fact it is my dream to re-utilize it with hot spring facility. Is there any person or any place I can discuss about this idea with you all? I know what developers see, but also I do know we are new age people who eager to have ‘joyful experience’, and a key word for this new age is ‘mutual deep understanding through each one’s experience’. I want our community to be active and inclusive, I want this site to be used for the community’s welfare, future and more, not for some specific people’s profit or relatively short-term needs. I hope we can discuss about this somewhere sometime soon. Thank you for reading this. -Tomoko

I belief this location needs to serve as a positive place for people on the west side to gather as a community and to give the site the care & prominence it deserves

I hope the building is saved for community use!

Bring back the Hot Springs allow for community and relaxation and healing

Warm Springs reactivated. Area for festivals, music and art venue and public events.

Open for soaking and events

Hot springs or some type of spa facilities.

Add value to the neighborhood by sustaining a community and not commercial structure. Restore and maintain a significant historical structure but, more significantly, an important location.