The Warm Springs Alliance is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization formed to protect the Warm Springs landmark site, preserve the Wasatch Plunge building at 840 N. Beck St., Salt Lake City, and reestablish its role as a community gathering place where people of all walks of life come together—to soak in the hot springs,  learn, heal, connect, and collaborate.

We’re a growing group of leaders, visionaries, community builders, business people, and social evolutionaries coming together with grass roots momentum to serve the whole community by connecting people, communities, place and history.

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• Inclusivity
• Sustainability

• Authenticity

• Wellness
• Respect
• Connection


Sylvia Nibley

As an award-winning entrepreneur, Sylvia has passionately worked for 28 years on projects that make a difference. In the early days of the internet, she created a well-loved online hub for connecting community through the area’s largest event calendar and resource directory that had millions of visits. She’s also spearheaded creative innovation in local business, marketing, community building, and personal transformation.
As the founder of the Warm Springs Alliance, she brings clear vision and experienced leadership.

Forrest Cuch

Forrest served as education director for the Ute Indian Tribe from 1973 to 1988 and has held numerous positions including tribal planner (nation building), tribal administrator, and secondary social studies teacher. Forrest was director of Utah Division of Indian Affairs from 1997 through 2011. He also served on the Salt Lake Organizing Committee for the 2002 Winter Olympics and contributed to the documentary film We Shall Remain sponsored by PBS and KUTV. Throughout his career, he has worked to call attention to the ancient presence of American Indian people in Utah.

Fred Coyote

Fred comes to the Warm Springs Alliance with over 20 years of experience as a senior executive in Corporate America, including leading international teams and developing world-class businesses from the ground-up. Fred serves the WSA as board treasurer and assists with business development, planning, and corporate governance.

Our vision is clear, our experience is deep and our commitment is strong.

Supporters and Volunteers

Ainsley Bray
Alvin Gilbert
Allison Ottley
Amanjot Kaur
Amanjot Singh
Amy Sziber
Anna Zumwalt
Becky Lyttle
Bijan Hosseini
Bill Knowles
Bill Perkins
Bo Powell
Bonnie Mangold
Brett Colvin
Britt Vanderhoof
Carol Kostic
Carol Lessinger
Cindy Hish
Cori Maack
Craig Ogan
Dana Dake
Debbie Coleman
Donda Hartsfield
Doug Mayor
Dwight Lindsay
Earl Hibberd
Eric Romero
Erlinda Davis
Evan Glassman
Gayle Peterson
Gayle Maynard
Georg Stutzenberger
George Garvin
Greg Owens
Heather Monaghan
Heidi Freeman
Heidi Van Ert
Jack Winward
Jake Serago
James Lund
Jaymie Beck
Jennifer Dailey-Provost
Jesse Christian
Jim Hayes
Josh McMurrin
Julianna Christie
Karleen Broadwater
Kat Mayer
Kathleen Bratcher
Katie Jackman

Katie Masterson
Kinde Nebekker
Kirsten Park
Kurt Geisling
Lamar Harding
Laura Bedore
Laurie Knowley
Lendy Marcus
Lin Ostler
Liv Pro15
Lynne Dickey
Madeline Rose
Marie Perkins
Mark Forslund
Melinda Orms
Melissa Zuckerman
Michael McLane
Michael Polacek
Michelle Stephen
Mike Evans
Natalie Bodily
Natalie Scott
Nelly Klooster
Nicole Singleton
Nyla Johnson
Original Copy and Print
Pam O’Mara
Paul Blank
Phil Dugas
Raegan Plewe
Rhett Robertson
Robert Weitzel
Russell Palmer
Scott Lyttle
Shannon Simonelli
Sprouts Market
Steven Beal
Steve Horman
The Garage on Beck
Underfoot floors
Vanessa Davis
Virginia Ulibarri
Water Wellness
Zack Geist

…and many more.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful,
committed citizens can change the world;
indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.

— Margaret Mead