December 18, 2018

Councilman Chris Wharton, Don Winder, Fred Coyote, Sylvia Nibley and David Scheer

Here we are fresh out of the Mayor’s office. We were so glad to be able to present the vision we’ve been shaping with the input gathered from all of you for the past year and a half…and they listened, that’s why we’re smiling!

In our first meeting with Mayor Biskupski and several members of her administration, she showed openness to the concept of restoring Warm Springs by making it a community space again and has agreed to work on city funding for a thorough engineering study by June of 2019. This is a vital next step to understanding the condition of the building so that accurate estimates for its restoration can be made, and we’re thrilled about this!

Now that she knows more about our grassroots movement, it’s a great time to be in touch to let her know how you feel about this project and thank her for being willing to champion the needed funding for the assessment of the building, which is so important.

Contact the mayor here

And since City Council members will be voting on the funding for that study at some point, it’s also a great time to let your councilperson know that you’d like them to support it when the time comes.

Contact your city council member here

Big thanks go to Chris Wharton and Don Winder for their support and to Jim Hayes for the awesome graphic design on our presentation.

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