A group of Utes near the spring, 1800's black and white photograph
A man and a horse-drawn public trolley in front of the spring's old bath building, 1800's black and white photograph
The north side of the old baths building, 1800's or early 1900's black and white photograph

Photos: Utah State Historical Society

The Warm Springs Plunge

The Warm Springs Plunge building and its site at 840 North 300 West have a rich history as a community gathering place.

From the use of the springs by indigenous people, then early Mormon settlers, to the municipal pool that many still fondly remember, to the well-loved Children’s Museum, the area has cultivated community in unique ways for hundreds of years.

The full potential of this place has yet to be realized in a modern context.

The fact that the site has stood vacant for so many years shows that its value cannot be realized by a standard model of development. The value of Warm Springs isn’t as a blank slate for whatever development comes along. Its greatest potential flows from its unique features and history.

A new approach is needed, and we’ve got it.