10,000 Allies Indigenous Youth Solidarity Prayer Run


On August 13th, Diné woman, mother and SLC Air Protectors Executive Director Davina Smith began a 330-mile journey to bring a sacred medicine bundle from the Bears Ears National Monument to the front doors of the Utah State Capitol, with allies from across the State joining the run as an act of solidarity to bring awareness to many issues that are part of the troubles affecting the whole web of life.

This Prayer Run is about bringing communities together in unity and healing and we want you to join us.
The Warm Springs Alliance is honored to be part of these events

Whatever cause is close to your heart, come join us

Bring your heart. Bring your prayers. Run, walk, be with people who have different prayers and different troubles. This is how we can support each other.

Thoughts of the Bears Ears monument, the Utah Inland Port, Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, family separation at the US border, the Mauna Kea conflict, environmental racism, mass extinction, the need for alternative energies and creating safety for our children will inspire every step in this run where all are invited to join as allies.

Runners are not expected to run constantly. Walking and riding is fine and there are stopping points and breaks. Even though we’re covering 26 miles per day, the run happens relay style. All ages and levels are welcome. It’s your presence that matters. Runners can join at any of the gathering points along the route.

Photo Salt Lake Tribune

Aug 13th – Davina Smith starts running from Bears Ears National Monument

Aug 26th – All runners enter Salt Lake Valley culminating at State Capitol
Run with us, stand with us as we join our prayers together for a clean, just, and sustainable future.

Aug 27th – 10,000 Allies Warm Springs Gathering. A day to empower, heal and engage

Aug 28th – Tribal and Local Leaders present at the UN Civil Society Conference in Salt Lake


As the culmination of the 330-mile Prayer Run from Bears Ears Monument, the sacred medicine bundle will be delivered to the front doors of the Utah State Capitol, with allies from across the State joining as an act of solidarity to bring awareness to many issues that are clearly part of the troubles affecting the whole web of life.

Join the runners at several points in the Salt Lake Valley: marathon length, 25K, 10K, 5K, and 2K.
Imagine the power of many communities coming together to converge at the Capitol and stand in solidarity at this time of great need!

Everyone is welcome as we stand together in prayer to present a peaceful message for a clean, just, and sustainable future. It’s time to come together.

Please respect this gathering as an indigenous-led, prayerful, healing event.

Feel free to wear something that represents a cause that’s close to your heart. Signs are also welcome.

Bring Pendleton blankets and we’ll cover the steps of the Capitol to make a place for all Allies to place their own medicine bundles alongside of ours. A medicine bundle is something of significance that holds your prayers.

Ours is a 100-year-old basket filled with herbs from the monument, but it could be as simple as a shoe that represents children at the border. What could hold your prayers?

We’re connected…It’s like a spiderweb. If one part of that web vibrates, if there’s trouble, we all know it, but most of the time we’re just too scared, or selfish, or insecure to help. But if we don’t help each other, who will?

—Sarah Addison Allen

10,000 Allies Arrival Gathering

Monday, August 26th
Runners begin to arrive in the Salt Lake Valley at 9:00am and come up State Street, finishing at the State Capitol at 6:00pm
See route and joining points

Arrival Gathering at the Capitol 6:00-7:30pm
Utah State Capitol, 350 N State Street
Please arrive before 6:00 to park and be on the hill in time to welcome the runners. Opening prayer and blessing of runners from Larry Cesspooch.
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Prayer Run organizing team:

Davina Smith
Robyn Adamson
Adam Cowgill
Cindy Maughan

Carl Moore
Darin Mann
Michael Cundick
Danielle Averett


Come to the Warm Springs gathering the next day as we heal together, listen, learn and engage.  As the UN conference for Civil Society is happening in Salt Lake, we invite local leaders and community members to expand the conversation about what civil society means today and explore ways to support each other as allies at this critical time.

Long before the arrival of the Mormons, bands of Shoshone and Utes had used the geothermal area as wintering grounds. It was at the springs that some of the earliest substantial and long-term contact between Mormons and Native peoples occurred and there exist little documentation during the winters of 1847 and 1848 indicating that relations were strained.

However, early in the winter of 1849, measles arrived in the valley via an immigrant party, and the disease ran rampant at the springs, decimating Ute and Shoshone groups alike…It would mark the last winter Mormons and Native Americans would encounter one another at the springs.

—Michael McLane

As many communities come together to protect and preserve Warm Springs, we see how important it is to welcome all those with indigenous ties back to this sacred place to reconnect with the land, the water and all kinds of allies.

10,000 Allies Warm Springs Gathering

Warm Springs Park, 840 N 300 W, north area of park

August 26th
8:00pm – Following the event at the capitol, runners and support team meet at Warm Springs for blessings and dinner

August 27th
7:00am – Complimentary Breakfast
8:00am to noon – Community conversations and breakout groups
12:00pm – Complimentary Lunch

We need more runners, volunteers, healers, donations and wholehearted community involvement to come together as allies.
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Every ally counts, and we need you!

Imagine the power of many communities coming together at this time of great need.
There’s a lot of important work to do.

Warm Springs Organizing Team

Sylvia Nibley
David Scheer 
Fred Coyote
Forrest Cuch

Doug Mayor
Cindy Maughan
Carol Harris
Mark Forslund


Andrea Bernstein
Alex Nibley
Angela Rhinehart
Aron Stein
Barbara Eaton
Barbara Svee
Cassie McPolin
Carol Lessinger
Cori Maack
Daniel Fisher

Danna Halverson
Fallon Hansen
Francine Herrera
Geni McKenzie
Hugo Johnson
Irma Almada
Jeff Gray
Jenica Lake
Jessica Burgess
Jim Hayes

Kasandra Sheldan 
Katherine Sharp
Katherine Mayer
Kiersten Shaw
Kori Thomsen
Kyle Maughan
Lex Scott
Lin Ostler
Marianne Domery
Maurena Grossman

Michael Aaron
Michael Evans
Nancy Fillat
Peg Alderman
Rhett Robertson
Sue Williamson
Sylvia Wilcox
Tanner Williamson
Tari Turnbow
Vivian Shell


Capitol Hill Action Group
Elijah Amodt
Jackie Biskupski
Dwight Lindsay 
Elinda McKenna
Margy Russotto

Amy Sziber
Kurt Geisling
Michelle Trzeciak-Kerer
Anna Zumwalt 
Vitalize Community Studio
MAKA MAMAS, Leraine and Shen

Thank you Bryan Maynes, Cat Palmer and Faith Robbins for the photographs.
To all those who showed up at all hours, made time, gave, dug deep and then gave some more.

Thank you!

May our connections continue to grow stronger, deeper and wider.
We’re just getting warmed up.