Luminous Night 2019

Solstice Ceremony | Meditative Movement | Community


Give yourself the gift of a gorgeous, quiet night of nurturing the Light within.

Gratitude to our guests and our fantastic volunteers:

Darcy Butcher photographer, for capturing the magic of the night.
Katherine Sharp
Aura Flora
Donda Hartsfield
Katie Limberakis
Nyla Johnson
Rosalie Mirabelli
Peggy Hatch
Alisha Amy
Bonnijane Black Monson
Jesse Cox
Donna Mirabelli
Rebecca Sears
Masha Shukovich
Marguerite Blakely
Gayle Boggess Peterson
Cori Maack
Lisa Neuhof
Liz Bailey Young
Amy Sziber
Monica Dixon
Paulette Stevens
Nicole B. Singleton
…and even some of our guests who just pitched right in.

This is true community, folks!


During this time of the longest night when we naturally want to go in, but often end up being even more active because of the holidays, this is a chance to enjoy a tranquil, quiet evening to slow down and savor peaceful, inner space in loving community.

Plus, humans have celebrated solstices and equinoxes with dancing, feasting and community rituals for thousands of years. It’s in our blood!

Breathe fresh evergreens and be blessed with the ancient essences of frankincense and myrrh

With nourishing music and meditative movement (optional),  journey into the dark and silence of yourself to connect with your inner light. Put this solar year to bed, light a candle with your own intention, create your own ritual or simply bless yourself with the gift of stillness. Simple facilitation will be offered in this sacred space to support you in observing the season in your own ways. 

Our 17th annual Midwinter celebration offers a respite from the hectic holiday season and will leave you feeling relaxed, refreshed and connected.

Saturday December 21st, 2019
St. Ambrose Social Hall
2315 E. Redondo Ave
Salt Lake City, Utah, 84108


If you didn’t get a ticket this time, we hope you have a quiet, nourishing night of your own and that we get to have you with us next year.

Don’t take night for granted.
Especially at this time of year.
Let her have her way with you.
Turn off every light,
even your naming mind.
Just listen to silence,

and gaze beyond seeing.
Taste pure night,

not what it contains,
but night itself.
This radiant darkness!
…And through that wonder,
giving birth to stars.

– Fred LaMotte

All proceeds go to the Warm Springs Alliance,
501(c)3 nonprofit and are tax-deductible.

Doors open at 7:30
Ceremony begins at 8:00, completes at 10:00
Followed by nourishing vegan soup and snacks

Open to women, men and children (who can honor no talking in the silent space)

• Please plan to stay from start to finish.
• You’re invited to dress comfortably in white. It creates an ethereal feel that takes us from the ordinary to otherworldly. We’ll also have white face paint available for adorning yourself with more light.

Now are they but one lamp, one light, one sun.
– William Shakespeare

Co-hosted by the Women’s Full Moon Dance and the Warm Springs Alliance, this year’s event is a fundraiser for the Warm Springs community project.

The Warm Springs Alliance is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization formed to protect and preserve the Warm Springs landmark site at 840 N Beck St (300 W) Salt Lake City, revitalize the hot springs and create the sanctuary in the city that we all need.

The Women’s Full Moon Dance is a group of magnificent women that have been gathering for 17 years on the Saturday closest to the full moon to reconnect with body and spirit in sacred space. We also host special events open to the whole community sometimes (usually Solstices and Equinoxes).