Everything we humans make starts as an idea. And when it comes to Warm Springs, there are lots of them!

We’ve been gathering input for over a year about what you as a community want to see happen with this local gem of a place and now we want to get a bunch of you in the same room with our master architect to play with how it all could work.

With a fun mix of big ideas, craft supplies and inspired people like you, we’ll generate lots of creative ideas to include in the next steps of the plan we’ll present to the city of Salt Lake.

Come play!
No “design” experience required.
Everyone is welcome (especially kids!)
Just show up!

This creative “charrette” is facilitated by Warm Springs Alliance board member, architect and urban planner David Scheer, who has been creating award-winning structures for over 34 years.

He graduated with a master’s degree in Architecture and has worked all over the world—including Paris, New York, and Los Angeles—developing hundreds of unique building designs. David is inspired by community-driven projects and is eager to dive into the bounty of ideas that are flowing from the people who will actually use the space.

Crafting the Future of Warm Springs
Sunday, Sept. 9, 2018
Salt Lake Main Library
210 East 400 South, 4th Level Conference Room

Parking meters are free on Sunday on the surrounding streets,
or enter the underground pay lot on 4th South.

Here’s what happened:

The Warm Springs Alliance envisions an inclusive community gathering place at the site of the Wasatch Plunge. Part of implementing this vision is allowing members of the community to participate in the design of the building and its grounds. This brief, intensive design session (called a charrette by architects) was held at the City Library main branch to give people an opportunity to think about the activities they wanted on the site and to imagine how different activities could take place there. The charrette was facilitated by architect and urban planner David Scheer.

Participants worked in groups of four or five, suggesting and discussing various ideas for the site. Using a scaled site plan provided by the Warm Springs Alliance, along with a grab bag of materials ranging from colored markers to pipe cleaners, each group created models of their ideas. There were also two sessions in which each group presented their ideas to everyone present for general discussion.

The four-hour charrette produced a remarkable number of interesting, original ideas that may be incorporated into the site design that the Alliance will present to city officials. More importantly, participants were able to imagine what this place could be like and how the site could bring to life such activities as soaking, performances, contemplation, yoga, outdoor classes and many others.