Covid-19 Community Resource Hub for Salt Lake Valley

There’s a lot of information flowing fast and it’s easy to miss things, or feel overwhelmed by the volume.

The Warm Springs Alliance is all about creating true community, so we’ve compiled resources here in one, easy-to-use place. Updated frequently. Please email us with any evidence-based resources worth sharing. We’re all in this together…but only completely.


• If you are sick
• Utah Poison Control Corona Virus Hotline 1-800-456-7707
• Intermountain Health Symptom Checker
• Common Ways Coronavirus is Spread
• World Health Organization Covid-19 Hub
• Protection Guidelines
• Safe Grocery Shopping and Take Out
• Could my symptoms be Covid?
• Have you already had Covid-19?
• When and How to Reopen after Covid-19

• UT Dept of Health Corona Virus Hub
• Current State Guidelines
• Current Salt Lake County guidelines
• Current Salt Lake City Guidelines
• State assistance programs
• Help finding critical resources like: food, jobs, rent, utilities, childcare, etc

• County job openings
• State job openings
• More Community Resources
• Utah Renters Together
Apply for Unemployment

• Dominion Energy suspending disconnections
• Rocky Mt Power suspending disconnections
• Free Rx Delivery from Walgreens
• UTA Current Bus info
• Find free internet access by ZIP code
• Free WiFi from libraries and schools

Medical/Covid-19 Testing
• University of Utah Hospital
Intermountain Health Care
• St. Mark’s Hospital
• Fourth St. Clinic
• Test Utah program

• Emergency Food Resources
• Utah Food Bank
• Volunteers Available for Food & Supply Delivery
• Free delivery of groceries, supplies and books
• Receive or donate free meals
• Free meals for students
• Meal delivery for aging adults
• Affordable, bulk food
NPS Food Warehouse
• Bulk Produce
• Buy from local gardeners

How well do masks work?
• Why Wear a Mask?
• Project N95 for Masks
• Call for Mask Making Help
• SL Group Sewing Face Masks
• Simple No-sew Mask
• Homemade Face Mask Directory
• Making Homemade Masks? Post them here.
• Mask resources from JoAnn stores
• Help Salt Lake with Masks


IRS: Stimulus Payment info

Utah Statistics
Global Data
The COVID Tracking Project
• Track the Flattening Curve
• Global Statistics Visually
• The Sober Math
• Flattening the Curve explained

• Straight Answers from Epidemiologist Who Predicted the Pandemic
• What to Know about How Coronavirus spreads
• About mutation
• How the Pandemic Will End
• The Post Corona World
Why Covid-19 is Hitting Us and How to Prepare

• Why Social Distancing?
• Social Distancing. How long?
• Social Distancing and Social Justice
• Coming to terms with the death toll

• FAQ: drug interactions, testing, Vit C, loss of smell, etc
• Important Unanswered Questions about Covid-19
• Coronavirus Fact vs. Fiction
• Coronavirus Myths
• About disinfecting


• Volunteer or ask for help
• Connect with Neighbors
• Next Door Online Community
• 5 ways to connect with the less tech-savvy

Facebook Community Groups
• Utah Coronavirus Hub
• Salt Lake Valley Covid Mutual Aid
• SLC COVID-19 Community Connections
• Salt Lake County Covid-19 Community Help


• How Can We Help One Another?
• Neighborhood Resiliency Initiative
• Utah Permaculture Collective
• Local gardening info
• Voting Information
• Safe and Fair Elections Now
• Cultivate Your Leadership Skills
• Take a Stand Against Coronavirus Racism


• Volunteer or ask for help
• Utah volunteering
• Donate blood: Red Cross
• Donate blood: ARUP
• Charity Navigator
• Rescue Mission of Salt Lake
• United Way Covid-19 Response Fund
• Farmers Feeding Utah
• Deciding where to give
Housing for Covid First Responders


• A Guide for Older Adults and their Family
• Grandparenting in the time of Covid-19
• Love Letters for Seniors


• Single Parent Support
• Childcare
• Childcare for health workers/1st responders
• School Notices

• Kids Guide to Coronavirus
Ways to Help Kids Cope
• Free Audiobooks
• Yoga for Kids
• Rapunzel’s Toolkit
• All Kids Network
• 1,000’s of Free Coloring Book Pages


• Restaurants following guidelines
• Businesses Staying Open
• Federal Resources for Small Business
• Resources Links for Businesses
• Emergency Loan Guide
• Salt Lake County Impact Grant
• SCORE Resources for Local Businesses
• SBA Disaster Loans for Small Businesses
• $5,000 grants to small businesses
Utah Small Business Bridge Loans
Apply for Unemployment
• About Reopening your Business
• Covid-19 Resources for Freelance Artists


Mental Health

• In crisis? Call the 24/7 Utah Crisis Line for free, confidential support. (800) 273-8255
• Resources for Anxiety and Mental Health
• How are you feeling?
• U of U Mental Health support (non crisis)
• Help Prevent Suicide

• Coping with Coronavirus Anxiety
• Yoga for Anxiety Relief
• Online Support Group
• Resilience in Challenging Times
• Simple Practices for Easing Pandemic-related Stress

• How to Hug During a Pandemic
• Hope is Alive, a Story
• Online Meditations from Buddhist Review
• Talk on Resilience

Physical Health
• Stay Safe, Stay Active Walkable streets

Arts, Culture and Learning
Good News
Local Virtual events
• Computer Skills for Beginners
• What the World Needs Now – Student Made Video
• Arts and Culture to enjoy from home
• More Arts to Enjoy From Home
• Quarantined Italians singing together
• Salt Lake Digital Library
• Khan Academy, Free Education Platform
• Comedians on Call